Hello Bookworms !! How are you all ?? It has been such a long time hasn’t it been . But I am not here with any review or anything . It is just that I wrote a short story for my college’s cultural club competition and well I got the 2nd Position so I just wanted you guys to read my story and share your opinions. It would make me so happy and elated and well constructive criticism always helps. ❤

-The Home Coming-

Part 1

Phatik Chakravorti , a young boy of 14 who had everything a child could ask for. He lived in the suburbs of Mumbai with his mother and brother.They lived in a big house.  He was a student at the prestigious Fairmont Convent school in the city . With a charming smile and sweet words , he won the hearts of his teacher and his fellow mates very easily . He was regarded as one of the popular kids at school bestowed with intelligence and wit.

 But everything was not perfect in Phatik’s world , lately being this perfect child started taking a toll on him and he had started to become snappy and frustrated with his life. It was the usual teenage angst which was coming out from him and without a father to guide him , slowly Phatik’s frustration started taking a new form of rebellious streak. He started getting angry easily, and that too at the smallest things. . As a young teenager , Phatik suddenly from being the brightest kid in the class started to become the bully of his class . He had anger issues and slowly and gradually he was no longer loved by his peers or teachers. His sudden change was hard to understand for everyone who knew him . His friends , his family , his teachers and nearly everyone who knew him couldn’t be bothered to go into the root of his behavior problems. They simply left him alone.

 The biggest impact was on his younger brother , Makhan . Makhan , a 9 year old boy who absolutely adored his elder brother. His elder brother ‘s words were like a pearls of wisdom for him . The transition in Phatik was hard for Makhan to grasp and he could not understand his elder brother sudden mood swings and anger at all. Earlier both the boys bonded over video games and comics but lately none of that happened except fights and mood swings . Meanwhile Phatik was struggling on his own , he had no one who would show him the right direction , no one who would try to question his inner demons and why he acted like this .

 People had chosen the simplest act of ignoring his existence and it was too much for a 14 year old boy to handle. His mother was in despair, she tried confronting her son but she too failed at understanding him and Phatik failed at expressing his inner self . Everything seemed dark until one day they had a visitor . A visitor who would change the dynamics of Phatik’s  story . The visitor was none another than the Phatik’s Uncle who had come to visit Mumbai and wanted to meet his nephews. Phatik’s mother was glad that her brother had come to visit her. She told him about the problems she had been having with Phatik and her uncle at once understood that Phatik was simply a misunderstood soul. He had been going through a lot on his own and no one really understood him. He decided that he would bring about a change in Phatik’s life.

Phatik and Makhan loved their Uncle and they enjoyed a lot with him, sightseeing Mumbai and eating delicious street food which their mother never allowed them to eat. For a few days peace and harmony at their home was restored . During the course of Uncle’s visit one fine day it so happened that Phatik was hanging out with his friends at the park. Makhan tagged along with him even after he was told not to do so by Phatik . Makhan  wanted Phatik’s attention so he started doing funny antics in front of his friends which in turn irritated Phatik as he had an impression to maintain in front of his friends . This made him angry at Makhan , who simply wanted to hang out with him . He left Makhan at the park and stormed home, angry. When the uncle and mother heard about this they decided enough is enough . His uncle offered to take him Phatik with him to his home for few months . His uncle , who was a wise man, thought that a new place would bring about a positive change in Phatik and he would be able to get a better perspective on things. Young boys need to be understood and handled with love and care . Phatik simply nodded his head , he adored his Uncle and thought it would be good to be away from his irritating brother and strict mom. His leaving was a sad one for his mother and brother but Phatik couldn’t care less. 

Part 2

New Delhi

The Uncle’s House was a big change for him . Both his Uncle and his Aunt had a different lifestyle from what he had back at home . They were very flexible and open minded with their kids and so also with him. This was all so much for Phatik to take . He was overwhelmed and awed . He tried to fit in and made efforts . He was not perfect here , he was allowed to make mistakes and he did make loads of mistakes in his few months of arrival . He started at his new school and his aunt gave him one and only advice on the day he started school .  ‘You can feel whatever you want to feel, but you can’t always do whatever you want to do.”

 His new school was altogether different , it was huge. He had no impression to set and no tag of perfection to match up to and all of this was pleasantly refreshing for him . People smiled at him andthey were nice enough but no one tried to be friends with him. Then he met Abhay, a guy from his class came and sat with him at lunch and shared his lunch with him. Later Phatik got to know that Abhay suffered from Down Syndrome and his innocent and kind gesture warmed Phatik’s heart and thus a unlikely friendship was formed . Abhay was different from others but that did not stop him from living his life with vigour . He cracked jokes in the class and tried to do his best in studies in spite of his intellectual disabilities and was a loyal friend to Phatik . This guy brought a huge change in Phatik that no one could. Phatik finally realized what is important in life. He learnt to appreciate the little things in life.

 Phatik wanted to do good . He worked on his anger , tried reasoning with himself the reason for being angry and worked on it . In class , he was responsive and tried his best to excel . Sometimes it is the people who bring about a change in you and for Phatik, this seems to have worked. This friendship taught him to value the human aspect of life , the bonds we create with people and words we speak to them have a lasting impact and all this while he it suddenly dawned to him that he was only thinking about himself and his emotions . He had completely forgotten about his brother , Makhan and mother , both which loved him dearly and only wanted the best for him. It was a late realization indeed but still a realization . He missed home and for the first time he understood his family back home . His aunt and uncle were happy with change in him .

One fine January , he went to class as usual and he found the seat next to him empty . Abhay had not come to school and that was strange because he always informed him before hand. His heart twisted inside as his mind raced with all the possibilities .Back home , he received a call from Abhay’s mother. He got to know that Abhay is sick and that they would have to leave for America for his operation and stay there till he is fine and she also promised him that Abhay would contact him . This news was like a bomb dropping .

Phatik felt lost and he did not know what to do . A sense of loss overwhelmed him. He was also concerned about Abhay’s well-being. He was in pain and he wanted to go home and rest his head in his mother’s lap and pinch his brother’s cheeks as he used to do when he was younger. It was then that he realized the true meaning of home .

Home is nothing but the people who make you happy . Abhay was home to him and in his absence he wanted but to go back home . His uncle understood his nephew’s dilemma. HE told him to start packing and that he would leave by the week end. He hugged his Uncle in thankfulness, overjoyed.  

Phatik Chakravorti , was a changed boy and both his mother and brother rejoiced. It was a home coming and he was glad to back and glad to be given a opportunity to redeem himself in front of his loved ones. Words can’t account for what he felt as he stood there with tears rolling down his eyes because sometimes tears contain more emotions than words ever could .

One month later , Phatik is delighted to find a postcard addressed to him from Abhay from New York, America. It brought a toothy smile on his face and the words in the postcard brought laughter in him.

 It said :

Dear Phatik

I read the new DC , Batman comic . Would have love to read it with you . Come to NYC soon we’ll have hot dogs.

Your Lunch cum seat partner ,


I would so love to have your opinions on the my first ever short story – The Home coming . Thank you so much . Let’s Chat in the comments section .