K-Drama Review: The Doctors (2016) & Ramblings!

Hey Bookworms!!, January is already coming to an end and well, I had a such a study-filled month .I mean back-to-back  exams  just  made , January  flying  away and then I have sooo much to study . Today is a special day as India celebrates it 70th Republic Day with a massive, amazing Parade in … Continue reading K-Drama Review: The Doctors (2016) & Ramblings!


K-Drama Review:The Heirs (2013)|My Newest obsession |

Hey Guys !🤗 Happy new year , lovelies ! Today I bring you an altogether different post !!! My newest obsession (LOL!)I recently was introduced to Korean TV Dramas by my younger sister. She discovered Korean Dramas by accident and simply fell in love with them , losing hours of sleep over it. Initially, I … Continue reading K-Drama Review:The Heirs (2013)|My Newest obsession |