Hey Guys !πŸ€— Happy new year , lovelies ! Today I bring you an altogether different post !!! My newest obsession (LOL!)

I recently was introduced to Korean TV Dramas by my younger sister. She discovered Korean Dramas by accident and simply fell in love with them , losing hours of sleep over it. Initially, I was skeptical but  after   watching just one episode of Heirs,πŸ’ž the drama I am talking about, had me convinced.

It’s so great and engaging and addictive. Like even though the plot is a total clichΓ© and you pretty much already know what’s gonna happen  , you cannot resist it. I ended up watching many episodes (the episodes are one hour long) , even on a school night, which resulted in me feeling like a zombie the other day. I have so much to study right now what with exams and every thing, so if I am spending hours on something , it must mean I am so hooked . I couldn’t help but watch the next episode and the one after that. These dramas are so addictive in spite of being in Korean , I mean I had to rely on English subtitles but I couldn’t help watching more and more episodes. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! Just one TV show and I am in love with Korean Dramas!! I  The Korean Drama , The Heirs , is a  South Korean TV series


The story had the usual plot of Rich Guy and poor girl falling in love storyline and all the obstacles and power games, set in an elite High school. But it was such a thrill  watching this in a completely different language and unique storytelling . Plus Koreans are so good looking πŸ™‚

The Main Leads

.When I started this drama , I only stopped after watching 2 episodes and I only stopped because it was really late in the night and I had to go to school the other day . The episodes have the tendency to hook the audiences till the end . I mean the episodes ended at such a crucial moment that I just had to watch the other one .  I also loved the original soundtrack of show , even though I didn’t understand a word (As I write this post I am listening to the OST ). I am planning to watch more and more and more of Korean Dramas after my exams  . I already prepared my Watching list !! I also found a new crush, popular actor, Lee Min Ho , the south Korean actor πŸ˜‰

Plot wise , the girl, Cha Eun Sang and her disabled mother live in poverty , but a chance encounter with Kim Tan, a wealthy heir to a large Korean conglomerate , in America changes her life and Kim Tan’s also . She then again meets him in back in Korea and they attend the the same high school in Korea . You know in this there is a instant connection between the characters (like the kind where you fall  for someone in a minute). The characters are played by the famous South Korean  Actors , Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye . I feel like I was totally unaware of this totally awesome thing called K-Drama and only now have my eyes been opened to this exciting and enjoyable world. The drama is not merely a love story but rather it depicts the rich- poor class and also the weight of the crown . This drama has ample characters and sub-plots so it’s never boring, even when we are going down  the road of familiar story lines. Mostly shot in High School, it  depicts the bullying , love, friendship, love triangle(a very insignificant one) and rivalry- all the typical  high school stuff, which reminds of my high school out of which I’ll be passing out soon.

With such a stellar cast , entertaining plot I just have to give this series ALL OF Stars, this show introduced me to the world Korean Dramas .

DO YOU GUYS WATCH KOREAN (OR ASIAN ) DRAMAS ?????? HAVE YOU WATCHED THE HEIRS or Boys Over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho (I haven’t watched it yet but my sis has and she tells me it is also amazing )? What are your views on it? Let me know in the comments section.