Hey Bookworms!!, January is already coming to an end and well, I had a such a study-filled month .I mean back-to-back  exams  just  made , January  flying  away and then I have sooo much to study . Today is a special day as India celebrates it 70th Republic Day with a massive, amazing Parade in the capital city Delhi , and I just watched it on T.V . Every 26th January, we watch  and the feeling is wonderful to see so many soldiers marching, so many tableau of different states ,  daredevil  stunts by the  people of the armed  forces, performances by school-children and much more.

So In between my exams I managed to read a few ARC’s which will release later in the year and hence I think its better id I talk about them then , there is not much point talking about them right now // I even got so many requests declined maybe because of my low Feedback Ratio. Overall, this month was great in many fronts , also because my Blog reached its 2300 Followers mark , I got introduced to the world of K- Dramas (about which you all already know).

Remembering Kdrama’s I yesterday finished The Doctors or Doctor Crush. It is a 2016 South Korean medical drama starring Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye (of Heirs and Pinnochio fame) .

I haven’t watch any medical dramas but nothing can ever compete with this show , for being my “First’s “various reasons , Firstly because , I didn’t even read the synopsis of the Drama and had just listened to an OST and then I straightway started watching it ,secondly Medical Drama is something I always wanted to watch and Thirdly because of Park Shin Hye (In my small duration of watching Korean Dramas , I already like her acting.) .

Epic Rain Scene

The basic story is (copied from the Internet) :

A unrly teenage girl meets a compassionate teacher who inspires her to alter her path and become a street-savvy neurosurgeon.

I just travelled to the world of Doctors of ‘Gookil Hospital’. The story revolves around Yoo Hye-jung,(played by Park shin Hye ) a troubled kid who when she  goes to live  with her Grandma and a teacher Prof.Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who turns her into a altogether different personality . After a series of things happening including going to Jail , her grandmother dying and then also being in midst of a scandal that leads to her exemption from school .(I don’t want to spoil the story for you .) – Fast forward and 13 years later and now she is working in the hospital as a doctor and then she meets the Professor again.

The story is a very simple one but that doesn’t stop it from being such a delight to watch especially I enjoyed this as every characters added a different perspective to the story , at times I think more than the narrative the characters keep the story going . The emotional relationship between the characters is great and I felt like almost everyone is running after Yoo Hye-jung, she had so many admirers and it was quite funny. // I mean it , but I also enjoy it. //

It also provided a very authentic view of a Doctor’s life with a sweet, heart-melting romance between the lead characters. I even liked the supporting characters played by Yoon Kyun-sang and Lee Sung-kyung  . There are so many beautiful scenes with the leading Protagonists and they just make our hearts jump with delight. And to mention the amount of cheesy dialogues in it , there were so many, which made things very enjoyable. (I am so Dreamy eyed right now .) So all these things pretty much negate any elements I didn’t like or some small glitches like slow pacing and a very minimalistic storyline, if you know what I mean.

I’ll give the K-Drama ALL THE STARS . Have you watched this Drama ? Are you planning to watch ? Lets Chat in the Comment Section .