Hey Bookworms. This Covid – 19 will not allow us to have Summer Plans. We may not be planning our reading for far-flung destinations, but these books will transport you to anywhere their pages take you! So, get ready for a season of great reading, even if the only place you travel is in your imagination.

Books to read this Summer –

The Wedding Date – Well . I am 100 pages through this book and I fairly enjoying the the Book . The characters , Alexa and Drew are so adorable . Aaaaww, it is going as one adorable story. If you’re looking for something spectacular, this book isn’t for you but I am really liking how the romance between Alexa and Drew is budding. Plus I have already read,The Wedding Party so I already know they will have a happy ending .

The Wedding Party – Jasmine Guillory’s other book is in this list as well. An enemies to lovers romance by Jasmine Guillory. Im here for it! Maddie and Theo are Alexas (from The Wedding Date) two best friends and they dont get along. From the moment they first met, they rubbed each other the wrong way. They’re just so different. Theo seems like the uptight pompous type of guy that Maddie cant stand and Maddie is the type of girl Theo cant take seriously.

Roomies – This is one of those books where you dive into with certain expectations and you’re simply.. satisfied when those are met. Honestly, that’s the feeling I end up with when reading most of Christina Lauren’s books! I love the concept of “forced” marriages in books, in the way that the characters make the choice themselves and still end up loving one another. You know you’re getting a happy ending with some bumps along the way and I loved it.

You’d Be Mine – This book basically revolved around music ,finding one’s first love and ill-effects of fame, especially at a young age . You’d Be Mine follows a wide array of characters but mainly Annie and Clay, two rising ,talented country music artists, who don’t get along with each other. But when they are forced to be together on a summer-long tour around the US, they discover they have more in common than they previously thought. We follow them on their journey as Annie and Clay face their own inner demons and challenges and overcome them.

The Bride Test – The Bride Test by Helen Hoang is a sweet romance between a man with Asperger’s and a girl who grew up in the slums of Vietnam.When Esme is approached with the opportunity of a lifetime–a trip to America to meet a potential husband–she can’t turn it down. With a young daughter at home and no prospects of getting ahead in her home country, Esme hopes this trip to America will turn her and her family’s lives around.

The Kiss Quotient –More nerdy storylines for the win! In this novel from Helen Hoang, Stella Lane is the genius mathematician who puts herself in remedial romance — by hiring escort Michael Phan to teach her the ins and outs of sex. We consider it the perfect equation for a great read. This book has ravaged the book world when it was published and it is one my favourite .

I hope you guys are safe and well and enjoyed this post . Have you read any of these of books ? Have you read about them ? What do you think ? Do you have any other recommendations for me ? Let me know in the comments section .