Touch Your Heart (2019)

Oh Yoon-Seo is a popular actress. She is famous for her beautiful appearance, but her acting is bad. She gets involved in a scandal with the son from a chaebol family. Her acting career declines precipitously. Oh Yoon-Seo hears that a famous screenwriter wants her to play the lead female role for a drama series. The character works as a secretary for a lawyer. To gain experience for the role, Oh Yoon-Seo is required to work as a lawyer’s secretary for a few months. Meanwhile, Kwon Jung-Rok is an attorney for a law firm. He is arrogant and cold-hearted. One day, his boss asks Kwon Jung-Rok to let actress Oh Yoon-Seo work as his secretary for 3 months. He is not happy about the situation, but he has to accept.

I stumbled on this Drama while watching tvn’s drama, Romance is a Bonus Book . I saw the teaser and I immediately told my sister that we need to watch this one as soon as it is on air . What I didn’t know was that this Drama would really touch my heart . With the super adorable actors in the Drama , Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na sharing such a great chemistry , what more could have I asked for. Even though I haven’t watch Goblin yet . I can still say that they have a great chemistry . Also this is my second On -Air Drama , so definitely I have some special bias regarding this one . I now understand the feeling of anticipation when you have to wait for a whole week for the next episode . Glad that Viki had brought the rights of the Drama !!

Oh Yoon Seo was such a adorable Actress and when she comes to work at the Always Law Firm and meets the cold lawyer Kwon Jung Rok, it is totally hilarious . What commences is an adorable rom-com where you’ll find yourself laughing at Yoo In Na’s antics. Her character is totally lovable! I really can’t stop laughing at her ridiculousness and cutenesss. I mean how can you be so adorable.

Though she is completely oblivious of the working of the Law Firm , she learns the skills of being a Perfect Secretary and even receiving praises from Mr. Lawyer. The iconic scene in the episode 3 was so beautifully captured . We see the Character Development of Kwon Jung Rok the most , from being cold hearted and arrogant to becoming a perfect boyfriend to Oh Yoon Seo and changing his ways .

The supporting characters i.e the people working at the Always Law Firm were great and had great comic timing, especially the CEO. The quirky characters in the office made things lightier and funnier.

This Drama had touched my heart with the cute moments and adorable characters. The characters are such that you can’t help falling in love with them . Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na did great justice to the characters . Even though I haven’t watched many Dramas, I can still say that this will be one of my favourite for a long time . I forgot to mention the super great OST of the Drama having songs like Make It Count by Exo’s Chen and What is Love by Wendy (Red Velvet ).

Overall this was a very cutesy, adorable drama with such heart-warming moments.

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