Hey Guys , It has been a long time since I posted a book review . Today only I finished the Agatha Christie ‘s Third Girl and its a sheer coincidence that the Goodreads is celebrating the Mystery and Thriller Week .

Agatha Christie, a Queen of Murder Thrillers . Whenever I am tired or need a quick read, her books cheer up . Lucid writing and intriguing plot !!

I want a murder. 
– Hercule Poirot

Plot: Poirot is approached by a girl who shared a flat with two other girls in London. She is convinced she is a murderer. With rumours of weapons and blood stains and no hard evidence can Poirot determine whether she’s guilty, innocent or mad.

Agatha Christie’s Third Girl set in 1960’s capture the modern London and the young People living there in this thriller. This book is quite different from others , as the detective wishes for a murder to happen, it hasn’t happened yet and that’s the main point. Usually thriller books begin with a chronological order Murder – Suspect – Confession . But this one begins with a girl Norma stating to Poirot that she might have commited a murder. This is all what takes Poirot to use his grey cells. This is a mystery where murder doesn’t occur but it has enough plot twist and shady characters.

Set in the backdrop of London. Hercule Poirot never goes out of my liking though he only comes only next to Sherlock Holmes . The story is well set and has an good pace with loads of things happening except a murder .

Murder Mystery have always interested me as they are able to pique my interest till the last page. This Book does the same , it has a different mystery altogether and if you feeling like thriller . I recommend this book. Since the book is a mystery one , I did not wish to Spoil the books for the readers.

Have you read Agatha Christie ???Do you love Murder and mystery ?? Let’s Chat in the Comments Section !! How are you guys ??