Hey Book worms 🙂

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It has been a long time since I did a Discussion Post on the blog and I am dying to talk to all of you guys . Today is Friday and I hope you are enjoy the weekend. So today, I wanted to talk about the Perks of Being a Book Blogger. I have been blogging since a year and I love this community so much . Hence,this Discussion Post , where I talk of the pros of Being a Book Blogger:

  • ARC’S AND ARC’S : Seriously I am in a deep well of ARC’S right now . I mean I never thought publishers would give books for just an honest review . Last year when I knew about this thing, I was super duper excited. I am excited and enthralled even today and I feel I am lucky enough to get to read so many great books .
  • Part of the Book Community: By having a book blog I have become a part of the huge community that exists between those pages and spans the whole world. Yeah!!! I have become aware of Book’s release dates , author interviews and a whole lot of things that I was completely oblivious to.
  • Active part of Fandom: Yeah !The best Part is to fangirl about books . I am always Fangirling about books to everyone I know, but not everyone I know is an avid reader like me. Hence ,this blog has provided me with a outlet to vent my love for books and share my thoughts.
  • Changes in Reading Habits : I HAVE LITERALLY BECOME A VORACIOUS READER. With time I have become a great reader . In 2018 alone I read 38 BOOKS and seriously I didn’t feel a bit stressed out about it. Also I don’t stick to a particular Genre anymore and I am trying new books always.
  • Making Bookish Friends : Through this bog I have made a quite a lot of friends who love and share the same enthusiasm for books as me . This WordPress community has been so friendly and encouraging and supportive and after all we share the same love for books .
  • Improvement in writing: I feel writings so many book reviews has improved my writing skills so much and it is honestly very fun to share my thoughts and get to know how people feel about a particular book.

These I think are perks of being a Book Blogger Of course there are many more which all depends on person to person . So what do you think? Seriously , only last month I celebrated my one year anniversary and how time flies by … I am really lucky that I started at the right time .

What do you think about the discussion post ?? What are your perks ?? Do you agree with me ? Let’s chat in the comments section 🙂