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It has been a long time since I did a Discussion Post on the blog and I am dying to talk to all of you guys . Today is Friday and I hope you are enjoy the weekend. So today, I wanted to talk about the Perks of Being a Book Blogger. I have been blogging since a year and I love this community so much . Hence,this Discussion Post , where I talk of the pros of Being a Book Blogger:

  • ARC’S AND ARC’S : Seriously I am in a deep well of ARC’S right now . I mean I never thought publishers would give books for just an honest review . Last year when I knew about this thing, I was super duper excited. I am excited and enthralled even today and I feel I am lucky enough to get to read so many great books .
  • Part of the Book Community: By having a book blog I have become a part of the huge community that exists between those pages and spans the whole world. Yeah!!! I have become aware of Book’s release dates , author interviews and a whole lot of things that I was completely oblivious to.
  • Active part of Fandom: Yeah !The best Part is to fangirl about books . I am always Fangirling about books to everyone I know, but not everyone I know is an avid reader like me. Hence ,this blog has provided me with a outlet to vent my love for books and share my thoughts.
  • Changes in Reading Habits : I HAVE LITERALLY BECOME A VORACIOUS READER. With time I have become a great reader . In 2018 alone I read 38 BOOKS and seriously I didn’t feel a bit stressed out about it. Also I don’t stick to a particular Genre anymore and I am trying new books always.
  • Making Bookish Friends : Through this bog I have made a quite a lot of friends who love and share the same enthusiasm for books as me . This WordPress community has been so friendly and encouraging and supportive and after all we share the same love for books .
  • Improvement in writing: I feel writings so many book reviews has improved my writing skills so much and it is honestly very fun to share my thoughts and get to know how people feel about a particular book.

These I think are perks of being a Book Blogger Of course there are many more which all depends on person to person . So what do you think? Seriously , only last month I celebrated my one year anniversary and how time flies by … I am really lucky that I started at the right time .

What do you think about the discussion post ?? What are your perks ?? Do you agree with me ? Let’s chat in the comments section πŸ™‚


79 thoughts on “Discussion : Perks of being a Book Blogger and there are many !!!! |Let’s Chat|

  1. I’m with you on most of these! My book blog has me reading about 20-30 more books a year than I used to! I’m not in any way interested in ARCs, though. Which I should rephrase by saying that I REALLY REALLY wish I got ARCs, but the whole idea is too stressful and too much of a time commitment. I want to prioritize my family, not my book blog. lol

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  2. I agree with you entirely, Pri! Had I not launched my book blog, I wouldn’t have met you! So grateful of that❣️ Plus, this book community and others’ blogs provide a lot of good information on books which helps me which to pick up! I have become a lot more knowledgeable than before 😊

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    1. Blogging makes me feel I am contributing to the Book community in my own small way. Also I won’t have met you .
      Seriously you are right , my bookish knowledge has increased three- fold . 😍😍

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  3. I feel like book bloggers are another group of bloggers who I love following, and I always hear about these perks…kinda made me wish I started a book blog considering how many books I have on my TBR list, it would probably be some incentive to get started. x

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      1. Hahaha definitely, I make my way steadily through my pile of books, though it seems like the pile never seems to go down and oh my goodness that would be so lovely! x

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  4. Love this post and agree with you too! So many perks! I do need to read more genres this year though (one of my goals)!


  5. Great post! I love discussion posts. Yes to all but my favourite is being part of a community that loves to share in the love of reading. I want to read every book I see reviewed but I guess some I just have to read reviews. Lol. That’s so wonderful in itself.

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  6. I often find myself fangirling (by myself) around in the kitchen when an author or a narrator (#NarratorsAreMyRockstars) either answers a question on Facebook, or tweets something that I’ve written, I want to gush about it, but my husband thinks I’m weird LOL

    Vicci x


  7. i can’t agree with you more, specifically on that last point. I was so bad at writing and I hardly knew how to put thoughts into words. If you have met me 3 or 4 years before I bet you would say ‘gosh, she can’t even write a proper email!’ I was that bad. Writing reviews, starting blog, interacting with all bloggers and readers have made it, may be not perfect, at least satisfactory. loved this post! πŸ™‚

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  8. This is such an uplifting and happy post, I love it! And I agree with you on all the points you mention, especially the friendly book community and other book bloggers who always try to help each other out. I also do think that it helps a lot with reading slumps and branching out to other genres.

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  9. I’ve never been a book blogger before, but a friend of mine suggested it to me a couple months ago and… well, here I am.
    Do you have any tips for how to get plugged into the bookish community online?


  10. Oh I agree with all of these, especially the community and making bookish friends part. It is amazing to meet so many passionate people and chat and exchange book recommendations with them, I love that so much! ❀

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  11. Good post!! This is my goal, to use my blog to read more, and vice versa. I started my blog as a way to just practice writing, but finding topics is hard? So I figured I could just talk about books I like, and this would be more incentive to actually READ more. I’ve really not read as much as I should lately.

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  12. Being part of a community is definitely the top of my list. Being a mom, I don’t get to do exclusively MY thing so much anymore and that’s where this community comes in. I think it’s fantastic that I have a group of friends that don’t intersect with any of my family members’ because that way I’m sure of my identity and I know I’m my own person. Not just this zombie who does everything for everyone 24/7.

    I think another great perk is you get to have your opinion heard. I came across a research article that evaluates people’s happiness and found that those who interact and talk with the community that is outside your family and real life close friends by having a chat, discussion and all that, are happier. We do that all the time on this platform. Most of us don’t know each other very well at all but we talk to everyone a lot.


  13. I just started my blog, this post makes me excited to keep going! My favorite part is how much more I think about the books I read now then I did when I was just reading for fun. It makes me feel like I’m back in college but without all the pressure.

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