Hello Bookworms. Long time No See. This pandemic affecting us all in some way or the other. We are all having a hard time and we need books to cheer us up and make us happy. Our college has decided to take exams for First year students and i.e it includes me . So from July 2 we have our online exams . This is one of the reasons why I haven’t been active on the blog but after exams I promise to be regular on blog and promise to indulge in blog hopping 🙂 .Wanted to share few favorite books in case you haven’t read and let’s fan-girl in comments section .

Me Before You ,this is one of the book that countless of us love it so much but never can think of rereading it again. I was literally was crying when I finished the book, and even more while watching the movie (even though I knew the plot. Warning :To be read along with a Tissue Box but you will absolutely love the book. )

To All the Boys I’ve Loved before : This is one hell of book which nearly all of the planet has at least has heard , all thanks to Netflix and nearly all of us has watched the movie . I think I myself have watched the movie twice and non bookish friends can’t even stop blabbing about this book.

The Sun is Also Star: JUST BASED ON A DAY!!! That’s what is book all about two characters meeting by chance and romance sparks between the two and then drifting apart. The power of 24 hours can seen transforming the lives of two teen. And the movie featuring Charles Melton and Yara Shahidi is so beautiful . I just adored the chemistry.

Alex Approximately:This has got You’ve Got Mail Vibes and with teen characters with Beach backdrop and a surfer protagonist , mashed with a hate to love tropes and pen- pals and Cinema Buffs .I think it is a kind of book when you are trying to read something light and fun.

Fangirl – Maybe my favourite list will be incomplete with a Rainbow Rowell mention . My all time favourite book , reread it a couple of times and this has romance, fanfiction , Twin -sisters love and loads of Reading and being a part of a fandom.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON MY Fluffy BOOKS ?? Lets Chat in the comments Section.