Wow., Its already end of January 2019. New Year comes with loads of baggage of Expectations. I can’t wait this year to bring me new opportunities. I’ll finish my high school, this year and I have my exams this March and preparations for College Entrance Exams. In simple words, I have a lot in my platter. This month had been great in the blogging front, I have crossed 2300 Followers mark, such a huge milestone.

What I Read?

The Princess and The Fangirl – Ashley Poston /This Companion novel of Geekerella characters are so adorable and then its a retelling of The Prince and The Pauper. I can’t wait for the book to get Published soon.

The Flat Share – Beth O’Leary/ This has such a bizarre romance plot but I couldn’t help enjoying few dialogues and I loved the quirky characters. I received an early E-ARC, glad I received it.

Evermore – Sara Holland / What a fitting end to the duology . I personlyy loved the book , It had all the elements of great Young Adult Fantasy .BooK Review

What I watched?

I watched two KDramas , this month.Doctors (2016) and While you were Sleeping (2017) . I am very new recently to the K Drama World but I am really enjoying it .

What I listened ?

I listened to the OST of Korean Dramas , a bunch of romantic Hindi Songs and I recently listened to the Kpop songs , Exo’s Love Shot and then my all time favourite English Playlist.

What I am Curently Watching ?

Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019)

Had to watch it ever since it was announced and I am glad I watched it .\\This drama is about the love story between two people in their 30’s, who work in the world of publishing.//I have only watched 2 Episodes and I am sure I am going to love it as for the following Reasons-
1. Fresh Pairing of Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young as I can watch anything featuring Lee Jong Suk <Winky Emoji>
2. It is a Romantic Comedy .
3. Setting is a Book publishing Company .
// Can’t wait to watch the leads on the screens next Saturday.

How was your January ?? What did you read , watch & listen ? Let’s Talk , peeps !!

50 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up/January \\Reading and

  1. I hope you loved The Princess and the Fangirl. I just finished Geekerella and enjoyed it. I saw the second on NetGalley, but I didn’t request it because I’m trying to keep my numbers down. Happy reading!

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  2. This sounds like an amazing month for you. It’ll be a busy year for me too, and I’m glad to find someone who I can relate to! And aha, I spy your love for K-dramas (not that I blame you, they are quite addicting). Besides, I like your new graphics, they’re so cute!

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    1. WEll, Glad that I have someone who understands my life 😀 , well I also have to study loads on february . Oh , you also love Kdramas ?? Same pinch 😉
      These graphics are nothing compared to few blogs.

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      1. Coincidentally I have to study a lot in February too (I have exams in March)! I don’t watch Kdramas, but whenever I see one on tv I just can’t help but continue watching bits and pieces here and there. Any show can also be as addicting I think (which is a misery since there’s so many good shows out there). That you put effort into creating these graphics in the first place makes it admirable (at least in my case). 😁

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  3. So excited to try Love is A Bonus Book!

    I finished five books in Jan. Which is the best I’ve done in months. Going to try and read more this month. 😁 Happy Reading anx K-Drama Watching!!!!!

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