Hi Bookworms.

Long-time no see, everyone. Hope you all had a great new year. 2022 has been a beautiful year, I graduated from my college with a bachelor’s degree in Business and also started my career in HR as well. Adulting is kind of tough as it comes with its own pros and cons but then it is part and parcel of life. Taking each moment as it comes by and grabbing opportunities. Finding love, light and happiness in small moments. There has been inconsistency in my reading schedule in 2022. But I have decided to be consistent in my reading challenge for 2023.

Currently started with ‘It Starts with Us’. ‘It Starts with Us’ takes the story of ‘It Ends with Us’ ahead. 

After the huge success of her 2016 novel ‘It Ends with Us’, author Colleen Hoover is back with its sequel! Titled ‘It Starts with Us‘, the novel released in October 2022 and it instantly topped the bestsellers chart.

It Ends with Us’ follows the story of Lily Bloom, her abusive husband Ryle Kincaid, and her first love Atlas Corrigan. It’s about how Lily met Ryle, a neurosurgeon, who was initially reluctant to have a relationship with her but later ends up assaulting and abusing her. Later, it was Atlas who re-entered her life and helped her come to terms with her traumas.

The only reason I haven’t read the book earlier is that I already knew how the story would chalk out because apparently the book is written for the fandom.

Recently started using VSCO as well. It is a amazing photo dump app. You can find me here on VSCO. Share your vsco links on the comment section.

Have you read Coho books ?? What is your 2023 Reading challenge?? Let’s Chat in the Comments Section .