Book Review: Min Jin Lee's _Pachinko_

This is a historical family saga set in Korea and Japan throughout the 20th century. It follows four generations of a Korean family through the political turmoil of Japanese colonization, the hardship of wartimes, seeking a new and better life in Japan, and witnessing the home they left become divided into two countries they hardly recognize.

As someone who knows very little about Korean history, this book was absolutely fascinating. Rich, detailed characterization draws us into the lives of these people and, at least for me, teaches us a chapter of modern history we might not have been aware of.

Many Koreans found themselves forced to move to Japan to find jobs for their families, but they faced discrimination and disgusting living conditions when they arrived. Pachinko, we soon find out, is a kind of Japanese arcade game, and working in a pachinko parlor was considered a typical job for a Korean looking to get ahead. Many Japanese looked down upon pachinko parlor workers, viewing them as shady and dishonest – or just, you know, Korean.

The first stills from the upcoming Apple TV+ original series “Pachinko” have been released!

“Pachinko,” which features a large number of world-renowned actors, is a global project produced in English, Korean, and Japanese. Starting on March 25, an episode will be released on Apple TV+ every Friday until April 29 for a total of eight episodes. The show is based on Min Jin Lee’s best-selling book of the same name.

Koh Hansu (Lee Min Ho) gazes affectionately at Sunja (Kim Min Ha), who has tears running down her cheeks.

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