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Ah, scientists in love! Be still, my heart!

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Olive is a third year Ph.D. candidate, filling her pipettes and titrating like a boss, when she somehow manages to land herself in a fake relationship with the ever glowering Dr. Adam Carlsen. She really can’t believe her bad luck. Unfortunately, she has spun her lies, so she has no choice but to see them through. But the more time they spend together, the more Olive starts to realize he might just be the one she’s been looking for all along.

A lot of romcoms manage to get the romantic part exactly right, but The Love Hypothesis hit the comedy bit out of the park too. Olive’s dialogues are witty and snarky, and she pretty much cracked me up from beginning to end. I couldn’t stop giggling and snorting, even while reading in public, which definitely got me some weird looks from strangers.

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I absolutely loved that Ali Hazelwood chose a woman in STEM as her main character, and highlighted the difficulties they encounter as part of this story. As a woman in STEM myself, it warms my heart to see someone like me take center stage in a romance. A lot of what Olive went through, including how intimidating it is to be in a field surrounded by men and how unsure she is of her worth and her ability, I understand intimately.

The romance between Olive and Adam developed slowly, with plenty of tension and sizzle. The premise to set up the trope of fake dating was a little silly, but once you get past that, the rest is nothing short of sweet and satisfying. Adam is reticent in the beginning, but he soon thaws and warms up to Olive’s relentless cheer and good-natured teasing. His support of her in their shared field is particularly touching and it made me root even harder for this couple.

This story totally checks all the boxes for me. It’s sweet, smart, and uproariously funny, and it touched my heart and my mind. No doubt about it, anything Ali Hazelwood writes from now on will be devoured by me without any haste.

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