Once in a while, you read a book and that is capable of touching you raw and well it brings you’re your rawest emotions out of you. Ouch. Ugh. My heart is bleeding and I’ve no tears left. It HURTS to read the last part. This short love story between Elio and Oliver is very real and melancholic. Simply unforgettable. It calls to you no matter you’re man or a woman because love is universal.

From the start, the whole narrative by Elio gives you a sense of nostalgia, as he looks back to what happened decades ago. His thoughts are extremely detailed. Every feeling he had for Oliver is laid bare before the reader, which helps a lot in understanding the romance. Still, a few things are confusing. Maybe there’s no logic or reason to it. I don’t know how, but the writing made me ship them so hard and want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

And now, parts I didn’t like. The separation of the couple is too sudden. Just a page and he left already. Plus the book has way too many erotic scenes and well that is too detailed. With special reference, peaches. The rest of the lines and poems in there are lyrical, artistic and support the plot. It’s the emotions, not the objects or scenery that the author mainly captures. The way people feel when they’re with the love of their lives encompasses body and soul. I love Elio’s supportive parents, especially the father and his wise words. Elio is lucky to have them. THAT ENDING. CRYING FOREVER. Sometimes, love is not enough and you can’t always hold on.

Rating: 4.8/5

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