Hey Guys , So I have been recently been obsessed with the Sitcom , The Office (2005-2012) is a lovable and hilarious show made for everybody and I just wanted to share my love with you guys. I know I haven’t been very active lately on the blog as I have been caught up . But this show has really become very special to my heart . There are many aspects to this show that make it great, but one cannot possibly list them all. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch The Office.

You Won’t be Able to Stop Laughing

The Office is a comedy, centered around the ridiculous conflicts between coworkers. The funniest of all relationships in the Office is the one between Jim and Dwight. Jim regularly pranks Dwight; Jim freezes all of Dwight’s office supplies in jello, wraps Dwight’s desk (and everything on his desk) with Christmas wrapping paper, convinces Dwight that a Benjamin Franklin impersonator is the ‘real thing,’ and tricks Dwight into thinking he’s being recruited by the CIA. However, Jim and Dwight aren’t the only funny characters in the Office. All the characters in the show are unique in their own way.

Characters are ‘Unique’

The Office has some pretty special characters, only contributing to the hilariousness of the show. The funniest character is probably Michael Scott. Michael Scott is the branch manager, and while he occasionally does his job, he has the maturity of a 12 year old, leaving workers to wonder how he ever got the job of manager. Michael Scott also makes inappropriate jokes on the regular, making workers feeling uncomfortable and overall creating an extremely awkward environment.

It’s Great for Binge Watching

In all, The Office has nine seasons. Each season has about 23 episodes. This is the perfect show for someone looking for long time commitment, or someone looking to kill time. While this show is great for binge watching, it’s not repetitive. Each episode is different; so one doesn’t get tired of watching it.

The Episodes are Short

While The Office is a very long show, the episodes are short and detached. So, someone looking for minimal commitment to a show will be satisfied. Each episode is about 20 minutes; 20 minutes of pure comedy.

The Office isn’t Only a Comedy

You may be thinking, The Office is a comedy; what else could it be? Well this show is not only funny, but lovable and sweet. Apart from the weird interactions between coworkers, the plot is also centered around the growing friendships, and even romances. Some episodes will even make you cry.

All in all, The Office is a great show. What is keeping you from watching it right now? Have you watched the office ?? Let’s chat in the Comments section