Hey Bookworms 🙂 Welcome to 2021 . I hope you are all doing good . 2020 was a tough year and we all had learnt tough lessons from it and will start the year on the good note. I am starting my fourth semester of college from tomorrow and well we are yet continuing the online mode . But I am very hopeful of going back to college very soon as the vaccination process begins in India soon (fingers crossed ). So here I am with the review of the hit series of Netflix , Bridgerton .

It’s tempting to review Bridgerton truly: “I highly recommend this Shondaland series, which will remind you a little of Jane Austen and a little of Scandal and yes it is worth all the HYPE. The eight-episode drama, which premiered on Netflix on Christmas Day, was created by Chris Van Dusen.

Bridgerton is an adaptation of mostly the first book in a successful series of eight Regency romance novels by Julia Quinn. Taking place in the early part of the 19th century, the books follow the eight siblings in the Bridgerton family, four boys and four girls, as they seek the loves of their lives. This first season’s primary story is of Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), the eldest Bridgerton daughter, as she enters the competitive marriage market. This involves a series of parties and dances where young women are introduced to young men, who later call on their favorites at home to be examined by their families for suitability. Daphne’s debut season gets off to a roaring start after she gains the favor of Queen. Daphne comes up with a plan that involves the help of a hot duke named Simon (Regé-Jean Page) who doesn’t want to get married and needs a way to fend off the families who seek to foist their women on him. All this is breathlessly reported to the entire town in an anonymous scandal sheet published by a writer who calls herself “Lady Whistledown.” Lady Whistledown! With scandals and the 1813 period in full display along with several classical arrangements of pop songs are used in the score.

There are eight episodes of Bridgerton, and they all have endings that are like chapters in a good book: They leave you in a spot where you just want to read one more chapter before you turn off the light for the night. The end of the season concludes several stories, teases several more and has a couple of delicious mic-drop moments. Verdict – MUST WATCH .