Hey Bookworms! We all love reading here and at times we don’t have enough money in our pockets at least in my case I rarely have money left in my allowances of every month (life of a college student I must say )Reading is one of the best hobbies you can have, I mean the best thing I do and this blog being the No.2 . I mean literally you can read anywhere and if you are even done with book , still the fragments of the books always stays.

The only issue with reading as a hobby? It can get so expensive! But fear not! Here are 6 ways you can read if you can’t afford to buy brand new books. From classics to the newest releases, read them all with these simple tips!

1. Borrow Books From the Library

Whoever came up with the library should be classed as some kind of hero. Libraries are one of the best places to get books because not only are they free to borrow, but it still helps the author! I had finished every book in my school library in high school. It’s FREE to join a library, or a small nominal fee and you can borrow anything from obscure classics to the brand new releases from your favorite authors.

2. Kindle Deals & Free Classics

If you have a Kindle, you should definitely have a look at Amazon’s Daily or Monthly Deals. You can sign up to get emails each day with the deals listed for that day. They have books at really cheap cost like real cheap books . And some are gems as well . Have a look at the free classics that Amazon offer, too. They’re books that are a certain age so they’ve gone out of print or out of copyright, and Amazon offer them for free. There are literally hundreds of great books, so if you’re a lover of classics, make sure you have a look there before you buy them!

3. Project Gutenburg

There’s a great website called Project Gutenburg which offers free books that are out of copyright, just like the Amazon free classics. It’s not the most fancy or attractive website, but that doesn’t matter too much when you get free books! You can download them in a number of different formats, so they can be read on any device. There are also books in almost any language, so this site really is for anyone! It even offers audiobooks.

4.Small Shops

Second- hand stores are wonderful for cheap books! The shops that specialize in second-hand books. I mean I am a local visitor there. There’s always a tons of choice, but you have to really search hard through for the book you need , and you might be able to pick up a great bargain then .

5. For Book Reviewers: NetGalley

If you’re book blogger, or you review books elsewhere, you really should think about being on NetGalley! It’s such a great website for bookworms. NetGalley has a huge library of books for you to choose from. You pick a book, request to read it, and your request gets sent through to the publisher. They’ll then email you when you’ve been accepted, and you can download the book to read on your Kindle or other eBook device. The only thing you have to do in return is review it!

How many of these things do you do already? Do you have any other tips? Share them below!