Hey Bookworms!! November is here and with it comes a feeling of melancholy and eeriness in the air. All we want is a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and snuggling inside the blanket and well for me it would be reading dark and mysterious crime thrillers in my favorite nook in the house. I will come up with a bunch of thriller recommendation for you guys in couple of next weeks as I gorge in more thrillers and well, I suppose these are the perfect times to read them as well.

My Rating : 4.5 Stars

Plot: Gipsy’s Acre was a truly beautiful upland site with views out to sea – and in Michael Rogers it stirred a child-like fantasy. There, amongst the dark fir trees, he planned to build a house, find a girl and live happily ever after. Yet, as he left the village, a shadow of menace hung over the land. For this was the place where accidents happened. Perhaps Michael should have heeded the locals’ warnings: ‘There’s no luck for them as meddles with Gipsy’s Acre.’ Michael Rogers is a man who is about to learn the true meaning of the old saying ‘In my end is my beginning.’

“Every night and every morn,
Some to misery are born,
Every morn and every night,
Some are born to sweet delight.
Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night.”

So last night I finished reading the Agatha Christie’s Endless Night. The author herself stated once that this book was her personal favorite and well finishing it late last night it has certainly become mine too. I have always loved Agatha Christie’s book they are a quick read with dash of murder and mystery but this was different and so different that words fall short to describe this book . Still I’ll review and share my thoughts with sharing any spoilers. Even the cover gives you a eerie feeling .

Endless Night has a single viewpoint character, who has a heavy presence in the novel as its narrator. Michael Rogers is a working-class lad whose origins seem to be from a “poor but proud” family with a strong work ethic – which he does not share. He cheerfully admits that he cannot stick to anything. He is unsettled and lazy, having had a variety of jobs. He also appears to the reader to have a chip on his shoulder, and is quite a many-layered character. The other main character in the story is almost Michael’s complete opposite; a rich American heiress, Funella or “Ellie” Guteman. The two fall in love… but it is as well to remember that this is Agatha Christie, and there can never be things going smooth and crime is bound to happen in the utopia . I would not tell you the nature of the crime but the last 70 pages do justice to the eerie suspense created in the first half of the book .

From the beginning, you feel that something terrible will happen and this is a dark novel, with many plot twists and turns and a surprising ending. I am delighted that I finally got around to reading it and that, as always, Agatha Christie did not disappoint. 

Have you read the books of Agatha Christie ? Do you love her crime thrillers? what is your favorite Genre ? Let’s Chat in comment’s Section