Hello, Bookworms! Long time no see. My mid semester exams just ended just yesterday . The days go with the humdrums of the online world , whether it be the online classes , meetings , Netflix etc. So , Netflix just premiered , A Suitable Boy on 23.10.2020. In Mira Nair’s adaptation of Vikram Seth’s 1993 classic novel based on 1952. Gives us the glimpse of the independent India of 1950s . A Suitable Boy is essential a story of four families — the Kapoors, the Mehras, the Nawab of Baitar and the sophisticated Chatterjees. Yes, even though I haven’t read the 1349-page book by Seth yet I went ahead with the series and truth be told I immensely enjoyed Mira Nair’s Direction and superb acting by the cast esp. special mention for Ishaan Khatter and Tanya Maniktala.

Plot: The story follows the story of Lata Mehra is a 19-year-old literature student. It is 1951 in Brahmpur by the Ganges. At Lata’s sister, Savita’s wedding to Pran Kapoor , her mother, Rupa , says she will look for a suitable boy for Lata as well. The book, along with exploring suitable boys for Lata, also looked at the growing pains of a newly independent country.

YES, A Suitable Boy is predictable and there is the discomfort on seeing these lives of privilege with natives talking in English and embracing the British Lifestyle in early 1950s. It is however, a beautifully-shot and produced show with the period details brought to life in thrilling, lived-in detail. It could be criticized for various reasons yet it manages to shine with a shimmer and then brightly . Written by Andrew Davies, the adaptation taps the narrative’s innate charm and wit – best reflected on the screen in the evocative use of colors, costumes, music and language – as well as the tempered intensity, buoyancy and vagaries of young love in an age of moderation. Neither does it miss out on novelist Vikram Seth’s deep insight into the tumult and scars of Partition. Personal histories and political arcs run parallel in A Suitable Boy.

There are many aspects of Mira Nair’s A Suitable Boy, that makes it worth the WATCH . The human emotions, character development, young people in love and so much more for the viewers. This panoramic portrait of a newly-free nation and fast-changing social segments within it has an easy-flowing quality that belies the sheer magnitude of the exercise.

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