Hello Bookworms . It has been a long time since I talked about TV shows .So recently I just finished the Emmy award show , Schitt’s Creek. This show recently made history at the Emmy’s by sweeping nine awards in the comedy category, breaking a record for the most wins in a single season for a sitcom. Netflix recently added all its 6 seasons on its streaming site and well I gorged on them and enjoyed each and every season . Finished those 6 seasons in 15 days does show how much I adored this sitcom. It was funny , witty with adorable yet quirky characters . Even if you might have not watched this gem, the chances are you’ve probably heard someone talk about it. The show is a comic gem gifted to us all the way from Canada.

-6 Reasons to watch Schitt’s Creek –

Witty eccentric and entertaining Characters . The Rose family has a bunch of eccentric characters . The Rose family including former video store tycoon Johnny Rose, soap opera star Moira Rose and their adult children, David and Alexis are hilarious and you form a connect with them from the first episode itself . Setting themselves in the new town comes with its own path.

Representing the LGBTQ community with pride . Schitt’s Creek is a trailblazer in the way they’ve portrayed the fluidity of sexuality on the show. David Levy, who is one of the main characters, embodies the same perfectly. Over the seasons, he is involved in multiple relationships, without his sexuality or the partner’s gender being questioned. He goes on to marry a man, with full support and admiration from his family, which not only normalizes, but celebrates his sexuality. His relationship struck a nerve with many viewers of the show, making it a fan favorite.

The brother-sister dynamics of David and Alexis . The brother sister sharing a room in motel and constantly bickering with each other and yet supporting each other in each other’s endeavors . For instance whether its a driving test of David or Alexis breaking up with her boyfriend . It’s always a delight to watch them and their antics and laugh about them.

Small Town Dynamics. Schitt’s Creek is a small town and the town people are adorable people making a stellar supporting cast . Their misadventures and trying to adapt the Rose family in their lives is another beautiful aspect of the show . The mayor, Roland or Twyla , the waitress at the Café help the family and add a comic banter, these are just a few characters that I mentioned .

Dan Levy. Period. Dan Levy clearly inherited his father’s comedic timing, and his character David is another shining beacon on Schitt’s Creek. Like his mother, David has a hard time adjusting to their new, rustic life living in a cheap motel. He doesn’t have his expensive skincare, and his eccentric designer clothes look way out of place in their small town (but more on his fashion sense later). David is the kind of character that is funny without really trying. He’s sarcastic, dry, and almost never happy, and it’s that sullen demeanor that lends to his humor perfectly.

The bond the family builds. The bond forged between the central characters lies at the heart of the show and gives it the praise it is known for. The show beautifully portrays a fragmented family that comes together in the face of adversity, getting to know each other better and becoming true pillars of support for one another. The show gained immense popularity during the lockdown when families found themselves in similar situations.

Schitt’s Creek represents a ray of hope, depicting that you can come out of anything stronger, with enriching bonds and, of course, with plenty of laughs on the way! Catch it on Netflix today only . Here is the link for the streaming site .

Have you watched this sitcom ?? Are you planning to watch this ?? Let’s discuss in the comments section.