Hey Bookworms!! It has been a long time since I actually done a book recommendation post and I actually adore doing these kind of post.I mean I absolutely adore talking about my favorite books and recently interest in rom-com has seen a resurgence in my life . I am having absolute fun in devouring books of this genre .Just as the rom-com is seeing a resurgence on screen, it’s also becoming more popular in print.. Today I bring out my favorite rom coms and I hope you guys enjoy the recs . That said, this is far from a complete list – keep your eyes peeled for new additions. I am just listing my favorite .

The Flatshare , Beth O’ Leary

The novel equivalent of a cup of hot tea. It’ll warm you up — and heal you if you’re hurting. After finally ending her tumultuous relationship with Justin, Tiffy moves into an unconventional living situation: She has dominion over a one-bedroom apartment during the nights and weekends, and a man named Leon has it during the day. Then, they meet accidentally. You can guess what comes next. The Flatshare is a great romance, but an equally good story about working through trauma.

The Hating Game, Sally Thorne (2016)

Sally Thorne’s explosively popular novel is often praised as one of the key originators of the recent rom-com boom. Lucy Hutton and Josh Templeman are coworkers at a publishing company. Polar opposites, the vibrant Lucy and uptight Josh can’t stand each other.

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating, Christina Lauren (2018)

Let’s make this much clear: Josh and Hazel are not dating. No matter how attracted they are to one another. No matter how often they end up sleeping together. Hazel Bradford is a lot, in the best way. After meeting Hazel in college (through a memorable vomiting incident), Josh Im can’t forget her. But does he want to be with her that’s the question .The book takes us through the detours of two people denying the inevitable.

The Kiss Quotient, Helen Hoang (2018)

Stella Lane is brilliant, beautiful, and an extremely successful econometrician. But Stella’s Asperger’s Syndrome, and the accompanying discomfort with touch and small talk, makes dating really difficult for her. Stella decides to “learn” to date by hiring Michael Phan, a male escort. Their arrangement begins as a cut-and-dry business proposition, but doesn’t stay that way. Helen Hoang, who has Asperger’s Syndrome herself, infuses Stella’s first-person narration with the reality of being a neurodiverse individual. After reading, it’s easy to understand why this book was such a runaway hit.

Beach Read by Emily Henry (2020)

A book called Beach Read is destined to be about the beach and also be read at the beach (or at least someplace sun-adjacent — do what you can in these quarantine times). Two drastically different authors find themselves living next to each other one summer, and both are also suffering from writer’s block. So, they decide to work together and the book blurb swears, “Everyone will finish a book and no one will fall in love. Really.”

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory, (2020)

Olivia quickly falls for Max, who she meets at the hotel bar. Then she learns that Max is actually a hotshot junior senator and their relationship is quickly thrust into the limelight. Olivia isn’t ready to let go of Max, but now she’s got to navigate the political spotlight as her past is brought to life and her status as a “trophy girlfriend” is question in front of everyone.

Have you read any of these ?? Which is your favorite genre ?? Let’s Chat in the Comments Section .