Hello Book worms ! I am back again with a romance recommendation list . Romance is one of my favourite genres and I have read a good deal of romance books. It was so hard to shorten the list to only six books, because there are so many good romance novels out there. So today I bring some of my favorite all-time romance reads, which will most definitely raise the temperature and turn up the heat, that too while we are stuck in our homes following social distancing and lockdown rules.

Pride and Prejudice – One of my favorite reads of all time . Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. DArcy are the OTT couple of the century. it’s the O.G. of romance novels. There have been countless film, stage, and literary adaptations,trying to capture its magic, but nothing can replace the original. I read it as a tween and have loved it ever since. It’s one of the most popular classics out there and for good reason.

The Kiss Quotient – This unexpected love story between a 30-year-old woman with Asperger’s syndrome and a hired male escort became a sensation in 2018, and for good reason: Hoang charms readers with a complex protagonist and inspired critics to reconsider what makes a modern romance novel. It also deals with the issue of autism, and sheds light on it and makes people more aware and sensitive about it.

The Hating Game – A hilarious depiction of the enemies-to-lovers trope, Thorne’s piece follows an intense workplace hatred between Lucy and Joshua, who soon compete for the same promotion and consequently set tensions to an all-time high. But, of course, what seems like their boiling point is just the beginning of a flourishing office romance.

This was seriously so good. The chemistry was off-the-charts and it was a very easy read.

The Unhoneymooners-  The Unhoneymooners is an enemies to lovers romance set in a romantic destination. It has all the things I look for in a rom-com- humorous banter and a sizzling romance. The first half was funny and humorous that when I was reading it, I laughed out loud so many times that my roommate looked over at me as if I was crazy . I enjoyed reading our MC Olive’s Perspective . She was very quirky and cutesy . THis book was seriously so romantic and swoon worthy, and I really shipped this enemies to lovers dynamic. I never wanted to leave Olive, Ethan, or Hawaii, and I think this is just going to be the ultimate beach read .

The Flatshare – Tiffy and Leon share a flat
Tiffy and Leon share a bed
Tiffy and Leon have never met. Have you heard something more bizarre? But this book turns out to be the one which makes you laugh and fall in love with the characters and their whole awkward situation and not long after you are rooting for these characters and their romance. This debut novel of Beth O’Leary is one of those reads which are perfect to finish in one go .

The Bride Test – The sequel to The Kiss Quotient, this book is about Khai, a boy with autism who is convinced he is unable to love. He doesn’t realize that he just processes emotions differently, he thinks he is void of emotion for others. His mother is determined to find him a suitable wife, so she travels to Vietnam in search of the perfect bride. This is how she meets Esme, a single mom struggling to make ends meet. Khai’s mom offers to bring Esme to the United States to meet her son and see if they are a match. Esme agrees, reluctantly, determined to do this her way. What follows is one of the epic Romances .The chemistry between the leads is so great and this is a perfect summer read.

I hope you guys are safe and well and enjoyed this post . Have you read any of these of books ? Have you read about them ? What do you think ? Do you have any other books recommendations for me ? Let me know in the comments section .