Hey Book worms !! The times are depressing and the many of the countries are facing a lockdown . Life has come to a standstill and we all are getting bored from just sitting at home and not going out, and we are probably watching a lot of Netflix right now. This situation is however is an excellent opportunity to read .I present some light-hearted and fluffy YA Contemporaries . So here are my few favorite Books I would like to recommend . Let’s begin without much ado –

2020 Picks –

Tweet Cute– This one was one of those book that was hilarious to read and was so cheesy, it also centered around food, having loads of mouth watering dishes mentioned, which is a plus during these times when it is told to avoid outside food (I miss pizza so much). With the trope of Enemies-to-lovers , and their online banter was quite entertaining. The main characters are pretty feisty and well-developed. There is a lot of online chatting, tweeting, etc happening in this book, much like how nowadays most young people form connections online rather than actual face-to-face interactions. The chemistry between the leads is amazing and I loved watching them fall for one another.

It Sounds Better in My Head – This one is an absolute gem. Charming and authentic, an entertaining and coming-of-age story about first love, figuring out what you want to do with your life, and who you really are. It has all the awkwardness and feel good moments you would expect from a story about first love.

The Upside of Falling – This one reminds you of the Wattpad story you read long ago back when you were obssessed with Wattpad lol., with cute characters and cliche storylines of the nerdy girl and the popular jock falling in love.  Coming back to the book , this one certainly falls in the category of those stories but I still felt that this book was very entertaining. I mean, it has fake dating, which is a done-to-death trope, but this one doesn’t go in the complications of fake dating and keeps the story-line very simple. The characters are cute and well-rounded too .

All Time Favourites –

Eleanor And Park – One of my FAVOURITE books of all time . I just happen to love the author’s writing and the characters. Based in late 1980 , this book has an old world charm, when there were Walkmans and Comics instead of smartphones and social media.

The Sun is also a Star – Based on a single day , talks about the Fate and how one day is enough to change your life and fall in love as nothing as impossible . Well we also have a cultural representation here as well, with the male character being Korean and the female character African American. It’s written by Nicola Yoon, the author of Everything, Everything , a book which I really adored.

To All the Boy’s I’ve ever loved This book needs no introduction as Netflix has done all the work .The main character Lara Jean is so adorable and cute and it had those heart-fluttering moments which make you ship Lara Jean and Peter so hard.

Worthy Mentions-

Anna And the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins has created a beautiful romance in the city of love, Paris. This novel was adorable. My two favorite things about it were the strong characters and the flow of the story, not to mention the stunning backdrop of Paris.

Love and Gelato –Yet another engaging read. The book was a read -in -one -sitting book. Based in Italy, this one is an absolute delight to read. I would recommend it to everyone who wants something summery and light, with doses of fun and a little poignancy.

Alex Approximately – This is a kinda like the YA adaption of the epic Hollywood classic , You’ve got Mail . This one is a cute, easy, summer read. I really enjoyed it and the setting of a Californian surfing town was quite picturesque.

Well , these are the few of my favorite books which I wanted to share with you guys. There’re many more books which I would like to share , maybe in different genres .Till then let’s read loads of books and stand together in the times of this global health emergency. I hope you guys are safe and well and enjoyed this post . Have you read any of these of books ? Have you read about them ? What do you think ? Do you have any other recommendations for me ? Let me know in the comments section .