We do not remember days , we remember the moments -Cesare Pavese

Ever since this movie was announced , I was dying to watch it even though I haven’t read the book , which generally doesn’t happen . I watch the movie only after reading the book . But I have to say it was one hell of a terrific movie . I still cant get over the movie , it was so beautiful yet heart wrenching .
My First Reaction –
Shit !! I am crying heavily after watching the movie and listening to Too Young to Burn by Sonny and the Sunsets the song which played in the ending credits of the movie . Mental health is such an delicate issue and the movie impresses the audience with delectable depicting the in the piece of art and I can’t help crying .

Elle Fanning and Justice Smith breathe life into a film about mental illness and the healing power of love.

The first scene is of our main protagonist high school student Violet Markey (Elle Fanning) just as she’s staring down at the edge of a bridge, contemplating the value of her life. It is at that moment when Theodore Fitch (Justice Smith), a stranger who happens to be jogging along that same overpass, encourages her to step back. As much as Violet tries to push him away at the beginning of their relationship, Theodore’s determination to get her to see all the positive things about life — including lakes and the healing power of love — reinvigorates her. But as that happens, his own trauma and mental illness bubble to the service. Smith and Fanning bring thoughtful performances to this delicate tale. Even in today’s era when mental health is finally receiving the attention it deserves, black people are often left out of the conversation. So, it’s refreshing, and even cathartic, to see a young adult narrative explore how that affects black teens like Theodore who are struggling.

My Rating – 4.5 Stars Watch it right now only on Netflix with a box of tissue