My Rating – 4.5 Stars Paperback, 406 pages Published September 12th 2019 by Penguin

Frank Li is a high school senior living in Southern California. Frank’s parents emigrated from Korea, and have pretty much one big rule for Frank – he must only date Korean girls. But he’s got strong feelings for a girl in his class, Brit – and she’s not Korean. His friend Joy Song is in the same boat and knows her parents will never accept her Chinese American boyfriend, so they make a pact: they’ll pretend to date each other in order to gain their freedom.Frank thinks fake-dating is the perfect plan, but it leaves him wondering if he ever really understood love – or himself – at all. 

Wow , I am absolutely in awe after finishing this book . One of the most hyped books of 2019 . Whenever , a book is hyped to a extent , I certainly lose interest in the book but not in this case . I had absolutely adored David Yoon’s illustrations in the book , Everything Everything . Plus , Korean MC was a bonus . This novel was written by the husband of Nicola Yoon, the amazing writer of EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING and THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR so, of course, I absolutely needed to read this book ASAP and I am glad to have read it in 2019.

When I started the book , the initial pages were immensely boring and Frank Li’s parent extremely racist and that was a total turnoff about the book . But Frank Li is one such character that makes the reader turn the pages away . He is the guy who brings a fresh breath of air in the book . I loved Frank because –

-adorable Main Character who is Korean American . Frank reconsiders his prejudice against the Korean-American kids that appear so comfortable with their Korean identity… but only a little” and then he is one such guy that questions his identity of being Korean and living in USA.

– Frank Li’s thoughts because he has quite an original way of expressing them. He is a little weird, yes, and that made me happy. Weird can be very interesting sometimes. Its like his Nerdy way of stating things .

– Also because he made Joy Song happy , and he made her laugh and that’s like the most important thing for a guy to do .

It’s like this book has great deal of representation and own voices . Love does not always have happy ending or a similar path and this book explains it all . It’s promising book with its different approach and not so sweet, soft but realistic, truly honest, straightforward kind of story-telling . I Recommend it because of the amazing representation and the narrator’s engaging voice.

Have you read Frankly in Love ? were you excited about this book ? Have you been reading Nicola Yoon’s book, Everything Everything and The sun is also a star ? What are your thoughts on the book, lets chat in the Comments Section.

6 thoughts on “Book Review- Frankly in Love – David Yoon |Fangirling |

  1. I’m coming to realise that I don’t read much contemporary, but it’s fun reading reviews of contemporaries because the genre itself is soothing and undoubtedly cute (and fluffy). Your point about Frank Li making Joy Song laugh is so wholesome and adorable! Lovely review!

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