Hey Bookworms !! It is Christmas time and well soaking in the festive spirit , I write a blog post . Wishing everyone in the blogsphere , a warm and merry Christmas to every one out here. I have been highly inactive on the blog lately and I regret it immensely . But it has been so that this year was a major year for me , I finished my high school and started with college. A major step towards me growing up .

I AM HAPPY WITH THE BOOKS I HAVE READ . I have completed my goodreads challenge and that to within the deadline time . Lucky to have read a bunch of great books this year and wish to read more such books in 2020.

I hope this is not my post of year 2019 . I PROMISE to be more active on the blog and fangirl over books more . This year has it own sweet memories on this note . I bid Adieu and see you next time with more vigor.