Hey guys  It has been so long since I did a post . College has just started and well adjusting to a new environment takes a lot of time and brings new experiences along with it . I am doing majors in Business, in India it’s called BBA . Well , college did bring a shift in my blogging pattern . But I promise to be regular more now .

Blogging traffic is one the most essential part of blogging . It helps to get e – ARC’s , which is the most important possession for us readers . Blogging for more than 2 years has brought a lot of depth and understanding in me . I would hence like to discuss the blogging traffic .

As a blogger of 2 and a half years , I can surely say that few steps are important in achieving the same . Let’s begin with the DrumRollll!!!

  • Set up a Blogging Schedule: It is very important for Bloggers to have a proper Blogging Schedule as we have to create a balance between the other world and this world. It is not a one day affair but a constant motivation and evolution to blog daily or thrice a week. This helps to make a connect with the readers of your post .
  • Blog about what you’re Passionate: As I have already stated one should definitely Blog about his/her passionate things as it is not easy in long run. I personally blog about books as I love them soon damn much and I can’t fathom my life without them. Blogging is just a one day affair .
  • Make Friends on Blogosphere:  It’s very important for a Blogger to leave his distinct identity on other bloggers as it helps in friendship. I am happy to state that Book Blogging Community is one of the most warmest and friendliest group. We can fan-girl about books and that just makes my day .
  • Social Media Helps: Believe it or not ,Social Media is a boon in this case. Instagram and Twitter play a very important role in the initial stages and its importance cannot be denied. It also helps in spreading information about your blog. Plus , it brings a better connectivity and spreads the word. Also it is a superb way to connect with authors and Publishers .
  • Blog Often and Often :Seriously this is very important as one has to constantly blog authentic and personal content for long run in blogging . One should definitely have a variety of Blog posts on the blog , to interest the reader’s taste . Also variety of content makes it easier to experiment and bring authentic content .

So this is a mini discussion post. Do you agree or do you have more advises/tips ? Let’s discuss in the comments section ..

38 thoughts on “Discussions: How to Increase Book Blog ‘s Traffic & Long time no see!!

      1. It was my intention to read it this month but I haven’t had time, so I am going to make room to read it this month between studies instead 🙂 Thank you again so much for sending me a copy!


  1. Really great to read your tips! Thanks for sharing them. It’s great to hear about the importance of social media in developing an audience. There’s so many different platforms though and many people seem to differ on which they think you should focus on.
    It can be overwhelming at times as a new blogger! Would you recommend social planning apps?

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  2. Great advice and tips. I have to learn how to blog on schedule and consistently. I’ve been doing ti for years and years but I started to fall off of my frequent posts. Some of it had to do with the loss of new subject matter and topics, but then I created a new domain website for YA. I’ll have to get more organized and focused on what I want to touch on.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your tips! I think in anything you do it’s always important to have a network to succeed further and even more so in blogging. And Nowadays we have the power of social media so we can advertise our own blog immediately through our phones. Great post! It’s very helpful, coming from a rookie blogger.

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  4. Soo true about being consistent! I lose followers every time I go on a hiatus. It’s my fault anyway! Scheduling posts at least for a week or two goes a long way too! A VERY HELPFUL POST, Priyasha! ❤ and god, your blog is so pretty and pink! LOVELOVELOVEEE!!!! ❤

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