Hey Guys !! Since this is a Pride Month and I am yet to share my Pride Recommendation . Let’s do this today !! I have selected my favorite Pride reads of all times and I can’t wait to share with you guys !!

Rainbow Rowell is my favourite Author of all times and I loved Carry On . The book has taken inspiration from Harry Potter series yet its so fresh to watch and I loved it .The author uses the classic hate to love trope for Simon and Baz with loads of Magic spells.

This is one of those books that are just EPIC. Simon and his whole experience of coming out is captured beautifully in writing . The anonymous emails with Blue and friendship with Leah are my favorite.

In this we get a Girl loves Girl romance , which is something a bit rare in the bookish world . I absolutely adore Leah and her Sassy and Witty sense of humour . Plus , we have Simon in the book as well .

This is one of those poetic books which use a lot of metaphor with a dual POV .The Novel is about twins, Noah who draws constantly and is falling in love with the charismatic boy next door,and daredevil Jude who ism’t afraid of anything.

Have you read any of these ?? Which is your Favorite ?? Let’s chat in the Comments Section.

26 thoughts on “Pride Month special : Favorite LGBTQ reads !!

  1. I ended up reading Leah before Simon and to be honest, when I read Simon, I was a little sad to see that Leah didn’t play that big of a role in it–and that their closeness didn’t really play a central role? It was a lot of Abby, which is fine, but it made me sad for Leah. I was a little hurt by their interactions as well, I think because I’ve been on the Leah end and it sucks so bad lol but I was happy with the ending.

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      1. Haha I did! I got Leah before Simon and so I thought, eh, why not? To be honest, I didn’t their stories were all that connected? Except obviously the characters and some references to things that happened in Simon’s book… Still, very enjoyable!


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