Hey Guys !! I have been lazying around this hot summer . I mean it’s terribly hot this summer in India . So, I have been binge watching on Netflix and Korean Dramas . As I was idling around , I read some Kasie West contemporary and hence decided to write some Summer recommendation

YA Summer Recommendation

I can simply describe this book as a perfect Summer Read , with a cute romance and it has those You’ve got mail , vibes . An Ideal Summer Read !! REVIEW

The book was a sweet Young Adult Contemporary with the setting in Japan. Kimi , the MC visits Japan for the first time and meets Akira who helps her discover Japan in the most fun way. REVIEW

Hugo and Mae being 18 and traveling cross country of USA by train on unusual circumstances and then falling in love . Utterly cute and adorable read !! REVIEW

The book was a beautiful, engaging read ,a read -in -one -sitting of First Love, Gelato and Italy. I would recommend it to everyone who wants something summery and light, with doses of fun and a little poignancy. Perfect for a beach read!!

A swoon-worthy story about five best friends on a whirlwind trip through Europe . So there is a bit of romance , travel and loads of friendship . A light read set in Europe !! REVIEW

Trip to Paris gone awry and features two main characters with differing personalities, Serena and Jean-Luc! A 200 pages read !!

What are your Summer Recommendations?? How is your summer going ? Let’s Chat in the Comments Section .