Hey Book worms Today is Tuesday and that’s means it’s time for TTT but this week is different because I am doing a TOP 5 TUESDAY hosted by Shannah @Bionic Bookworm Blog. I have been following her blog for quite some time and I totally love her BOOKISH content on the blog . So you should definitely hop off to her blog .

June 18th – Top 5 “main males”

Harry Potter – I mean I can’t begin this list without mentioning the “Boy with the scar” who stole our hearts . A MC that shaped my interest towards books .

Simon – I just had to mention this book on my list. The OTP of the book is our adorable and cute Protagonist , Simon . He is gay and yet he has no courage to tell the world .

Simon and Baz– These two creations of Rainbow Rowell are precious to me very much and they love each other. And their magic school,Watford School of Magicks just reminds me of Hogwarts . I can’t wait to grab the Sequel .

Josh – His hatred for Lucy is the backbone of the book in the beginning but we see different sides of Josh every now and then . I wish the Author wrote some chapters with Josh’s POV .

Mr. Darcy – I just had to Mr . Darcy to this list P &P would not have fun if not for him . The transformation of him from cold and rude to falling in love with Elizabeth is epic romantic.

What do you think of my List ?? Let’s Chat in the Comments Section .