Hey Book worms Today is Tuesday and that’s means it’s time for TTT but this week is different because I am doing a TOP 5 TUESDAY hosted by Shannah @Bionic Bookworm Blog. I have been following her blog for quite some time and I totally love her BOOKISH content on the blog . So you should definitely hop off to her blog .

June 11th – Top 10 all time favourites!

Harry Potter Series – Any favorite list is incomplete without this book series . This is one of those books , which I’ll definitely share with my future kids. I mean , Harry potter was been my childhood . I can’t even recall how many times I have watched them and Re-read them .

FANGIRL- This is one of those books which I have Reread couple of times. The world of Fan-fiction and first year in College. Perhaps my favorite of favorites.

Anna and the French Kiss- A boarding school in Paris , it is so idyllic and beautiful . This book is more of travelogue of France . A bunch of friends strolling through the alleys of Paris . I had to place this in my favourites.

Eleanor and Park- This is one of those books , that I want a sequel for. This is a love story of two teens in unusual circumstances. I just loved Park , he is a boyfriend material .

To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved- This book has taken the world with storm but I had read this quite a long time ago . I loved the family dynamics and the love letters plus Lara Jean was a unusual and quirky Heroine.

Lunar Chronicles- This is one of my Favorite Series , simply because the Classic Disney tales are given a sci-fi twist . I loved the fact that we had strong female characters and loads of action .

Twilight Series- This is one of the controversial book on my my list . Loads of Unpopular opinions about this book , but I find nothing wrong. This is love story of a Vampire and Human Girl

Heidi – One of my favorites in Classics . The story of Heidi , who comes to love with her grandfather in Alps , Switzerland and playing with goats in mountains. I mean you can’t help loving this book.

Pride and Prejudice – My Favourite Classic, it’s an epic book with epic romance and epic characters. Jane Austen did a fabulous job 200 years ago . I still reread it sometimes . I first read when I was 12 but I didn’t understand much . But at 19 , I still sometimes read my favourite portions.

Little Women – This is novel of 4 Sisters , Meg , Jo Beth and Amy . The family dynamics and the simple country life of the girls is pleasure to reading . The book is based in early 1900’s in America.

What are your Favorite Reads ?? Lets’s Chat in the Comments Section.

59 thoughts on “Top 10 All time Favourites !!

  1. I see HP, Twilight and Pride and Prejudice, I like.

    Pride and Prejudice is so iconic that lot of YA romance novels adapted into a more modern setting. And, Elizabeth Bennet forever remains as one of my favourite girl crush MC.

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  2. Pride and Prejudice has always been iffy for me. I like parts of it (mainly when Darcy is like “You’re dirty but I love you” and she straight tells him to screw off), but it was ultimately never a fun read for me. And the older I get, the less I find myself enjoying HP. I mean, I love it. I will always love it. #Ravenclaw. But Rowling has spoiled the magic for me.

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  3. Narrowing the books down to 10 was sooo hard! I love your favourites which are some of mine too! Darcy and Elizabteh are THE most perfect couple! And I love the Covey Song girls’ dynamic! However, I have to disagree on Eleanor and Park: too much pain and that last sentence made me want to break every single item in my room haha!

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    1. Yup !! It was completely difficult and yet fun to do !! That’s so cool 😍 I love love Pride and Prejudice. I’m my Blog I have mentioned that I need a sequel of Eleanor and Park asap 💕

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      1. Yes I think I’ve seen it on there. I’ll probably try to read the book first then watch the movie as I’ve done it the wrong way around way too often lately.


  4. This is such a cool post! I love your answers!
    Yes, Twilight is certainly a controversial book! I went through a HUGE Twi-Phase, but as I read more vampire/fantasy novels, my issue was that from Eclipse, Edward and Bella’s romance became the plot, rather than using romance as a device to further the plot :/ Not to say that is bad though! Justa personal preference to have a plot with romance rather than romance with a plot. (Does that make any sense?!)
    -Emma 🙂

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    1. I completely agree with you. I was just obsessed with Twilight like when I was 15 . But at 19 when I look back , I understand that it did not have much plot except two people falling in love. It was just Bella and Edward all the time
      I agree with you

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  5. One silly thing thought I had upon seeing this post was that I was very proud of myself for knowing most of these books in this list (but that’s not the point), I love Harry Potter, Fangirl, as well as Pride and Prejudice! To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was cute too, so glad that they’re on your list! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get around to reading Anna and the French Kiss for a while (let’s face it, a very long while), but when I saw part of your description for it was “A boarding school in Paris”, I think it’s finally time to booting up the TBR list. Fun post!

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    1. That’s a bunch of books that mean life to me !! 💕 You want to tead Anna and the French Kiss, I can send you the pdf version through the email , if you wish !! Thanks for your thoughts and sharing them with them 💕


    1. If I had to nominate one book as the best in the English language it would be Pride and Prejudice. That’s probably a girly view though! I haven’t read Lord of the Rings which often comes out top in surveys.

      I would nominate HP as top for a modern classic as it appeals to children and adults (including us pensioners!) alike


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