My Rating – 5 Stars

Original Release – November 16, 2016 –January 25, 2017

Plot – The series centers on the love story of Heo Joon-jae (Lee Min-ho), the son of a rich businessman who becomes a clever con-man after his parents’ divorce, and a mermaid named Shim Cheong (Jun Ji-hyun). Focusing on rebirth, fate, and unrequited love, their tale is juxtaposed with the parallel story of their Joseon era incarnations, town head Kim Dam-ryeong and the mermaid Se-hwa.

This is one of Dramas that has hyped to the core . Every time I open Viki , I have this drama popping up and well I have been saving this drama. Finally , I watched this one and I was crying tears of joy at the End . Every episode was a beautiful masterpiece in itself. I don’t know where to become but without further ado , lets begin.

The plot in simple words is a mermaid falls in love with a man . Two parallel timelines are shown simultaneously , one is Josean period and the other is 21st Century . Both of them handled deftly . The story is directed in such a manner that the audience is totally taken aback . The main leads are the star of Drama especially Jun Ji-hyun acting as a mermaid understanding the modern world is superb .

The Drama has so many hilarious situations and loads of picturesque scenes, particularly in the first three episode . Heo Joon-jae (Lee Min-ho) inspite of being of a con-man still captures our hearts. Along with a catchy OST , my particular favourite being Love Story.

With a perfect cast and great plot , the Kdrama is totally binge worthy . I go with five stars . Eagerly anticipating Lee Min-ho ‘s comeback . Super excited. Also with holidays around the corner , bunch of K-dramas to watch. Watch the Drama on Viki today!!!

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