Hey Bookworms !! Even though I am stuck in the middle of my exams but this Korean Drama had been my Exam de-stresser. Well, read ahead ….

Romance is a Bonus Book, this romantic comedy is a very special K-Drama for a variety of reasons, which I ought to let you know. Even though I have watched a bunch of Dramas now , but this my first On –Air Kdrama. I mean , I had to pine for the episodes every week unlike my usual binge watching . Maybe because of this, I got to Savour the Drama more and not merely just finish them like a marathon . Also, this was Lee Jong Suk’s last drama before his military enlistment /Of Course, girls have Bias/

Plot: Actress Lee Na Young plays Dan I, who used to be a successful copywriter before choosing to be a mother full-time. As time passes, her marriage falls apart and she ends up homeless. Luckily she has her childhood friend Eun ho, played by Lee Jong Suk, who takes her in. In an awkward turn, she then gets a job at the same publishing company as him, but she has to start from the bottom all over again.

Office Romance is something I absolutely adore especially after watching What’s wrong with Secretary Kim ? and this was just cherry on the cake was the fact that the setting is a Book publishing Company. I never knew that so much effort and time went in making a book worth reading inspite me being a book blogger and avid reader. Nevertheless, the office in itself is visually glorious, but their passion for books matches with mine. Then we have the Fresh Pairing of Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young, their awesome chemistry which makes the show just so cute.
It looked like happiness in the books for the couple as they show affection for each other. Even the supporting characters are so good .

Second leads

Dan-I had to go through a lot to return back to her career and it was just so sad at times, her being rejected countless times at the job interviews. But her spirit was never broken and she persisted , ready to battle all odds. Wi Ha Joon as book designer Ji Seo Joon, and Eugene Jung as Song Hae-rin, the editor are great as the second leads as well , I am seriously vouching for them and shipping them.

Romance is a Bonus Book is not a usual Drama , it works out slowly and carves a distinct identity for itself. Every Saturday and Sunday , whether I had a exam to study for or a assignment to complete. I managed to take out time for this Drama . A lot of people just thought it very slow but sometimes its fun watching things progressing slowly . The last episode just blowed me away . The Gyeoru Company and their employees made a lasting impression on my mind . I have to say I loved the episodes.

Behind the scene

End Verdict : Romance is a Bonus Book is  like a cute fluffy watch which makes you laugh at times and makes you fall in love all the time . If you are looking for some cute and adorable Kdrama , this is just the one for you (hop on to Netflix now). I’ll definitely go with 5 Stars 😉 2019 had good start with this Kdrama.

Have you watched this Drama? Planning to watch it anytime soon ? Lets Chat in the Comments Section !!