My Rating : 5 STARS (Publishing on 02 Apr 2019 )

ARC provided from the publisher(Quirk Books) via Netgalley+ in exchange for an honest review (Thank you, Publisher!!)

Imogen Lovelace is an ordinary fangirl on an impossible mission: save her favorite character, Princess Amara, from being killed off from her favorite franchise, Starfield. The problem is, Jessica Stone—the actress who plays Princess Amara—wants nothing more than to leave the intense scrutiny of the fandom behind. If this year’s ExcelsiCon isn’t her last, she’ll consider her career derailed.When a case of mistaken identity throws look-a-likes Imogen and Jess together, they quickly become enemies. But when the script for the Starfield sequel leaks, and all signs point to Jess, she and Imogen must trade places to find the person responsible. That’s easier said than done when the girls step into each other’s shoes and discover new romantic possibilities, as well as the other side of intense fandom. As these “princesses” race to find the script-leaker, they must rescue themselves from their own expectations, and redefine what it means to live happily ever after.

Well, I loved Geekerella and yes !! I read it a couple of times maybe I loved it so much because of being a Disney retellings. Disney retellings are kind of classic, we grew up watching Disney movies and I adored them . Ashley Poston took Disney characters and power of fandom and created a marvelous combination named Geekerella with adorable characters and sweet storyline.On the side note ,everything being downright cute and fluffy . Year 2019, Ashley  Poston took another characters of Disney bandwagon , Princess and Pauper and power of fandom  and Con’s and created The Princess and The Fangirl (A companion novel to Geekerella ) and I read it within five years inspite of being sick.But the bigger question looms; does it live up to expectatation of Geekerella Fandom ? My Answer would a big YES (and it is a huge relief) .

It has all the quirkiness and fangirling of its previous characters , I always wanted to know more about Jessica Stone , she was a rather different character and perhaps the only one who was not a huge fan of the fandom. We all are a part of some fandom and this book just displays the love of fandom and Con’s /particularly in this book we have a settings in the starfield’s ExcelsiCon./  

“Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.”

Characters:The two Heroines of the Novel , Jessica Stone and Imogen Lovelace who looks similar but have such a different striking personality and then being a fangirl of Starfield and other just wanting to leave the franchise with loads of nerds stuffff. With such protagonists stepping into each others world lots of unexpected things , waiting to happen  .

Set up: The Starfield’s ExcelsiCon and then there is so much about the Starfield and the story takes place in a span of 4 Days .

Romance: A very insta kind of love with quick attraction between drop dead gorgeous characters , but honestly being modern  Disney Retellings  this book had a happy ending sort of vibe .

Well, I don’t say much about the book as it becames to easier to get spoiled. The Modern Disney Retelling does not disappoint at all with loads of nerd stuff and the power of fangirl and fandoms. The vibe of the story was cute , fluffy and soooo Disneyish.

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