Hey guys, !! I am back with a review of a K-Drama which I finished it yesterday . Today, I had an exam and the subject was Entrepreneurship which went superb (I am not joking) . I also received two amazing ARC’s from Edelweiss and both the books are 2019 Anticipated Releases(more on that later)…  Without much ado, lets begin fangirling on “While You Were Sleeping ’. It’s my second K-Drama and well I gobbled 16 episodes in just 4 days and that too in Exam Prep Off so you can pretty much understand my love for this show . I am so exam conscious  ,I work hard for good grades so if I am ditching studying for this TV show, it must reflect on how interesting and intriguing this TV show was.

Awwww Moment !(IN the first episode itself!!!)

While You Were Sleeping is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy, Jung Hae-in.
The story is very unique and different from the usual K –Dramas. With loads of court scenes and court talk , this is one heck of a court drama. This is a not usual romance but this legal drama-fantasy television series which centers on the lives on three young adults—a field reporter, a prosecutor, and a police officer—who have acquired the ability to foresee future events through their dreams. The threesome actually try to stop the future by happening and also play a role in giving justice to people. There is a HUGE link between these three protagonists as we come to know eventually . This is less of romance kind but more of a legal drama, with the thriller-like vibes with loads of flashbacks from the past and loads and loads of Dreams . Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy),the Protagonist dreams a lot of dreams which always become true and that she has no control over the future, even if she can forsee it. But when Jeong Jae Chan has a dream about Nam Hong Joo getting involved in an accident and finally dying, he saves her by preventing that from becoming real and that’s how the story begins. There were some people who said that the story was messy with all the flashbacks and the dreams , but I don’t think I had any problems . The only thing I didn’t understand was why she starts dreaming in the first place . There are a bunch of side characters like Jae Chan’s co-workers and other people and they add things like humour to the story at times.

. There are so many different cases to be solved and so many people to save and so many twists and turns that I wasn’t able to resist it. It really gave me thrills and chills (haha). But I have to say that the TV show was fairly addictive and I wished there were more episodes.

 “I … believe you. Because it’s me, I can believe you.”

About the main leads , I think they did a good job. On top of that, they are so drop dead gorgeous . See for yourself below! Lee Jong –Suk, is just so adorable, one TV show and I am a fan . Suzy , the female lead is also very cute ,she is a singer-turned actress, but I think she did a pretty good job. Jung Hae -in who played the police officer, Woo Tak was also great..

Nam Hong-joo

Han Woo-tak


With such a great story and great cast this K-drama deserves a watch . Its thrilling and suspenseful and with elements like humour, fantasy, great characters , unique premise , it definitely deserves a spot on your to- watch list. I think a lot of people might have already seen it but if you haven’t then it’s never too late . Also one line to people who are unacquainted with K- Dramas: you don’t know what you’re missing out on. 

With such a stellar cast , entertaining plot I just have to give this series ALL OF Stars.

Have you seen “While You Were Sleeping”?  Are you a fan of K-Drama// Let’s Fangirl together!!