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Top 5 Tuesday:Villians more interesting than Hero !!

Hey Book wormsย ๐Ÿ™‚ย Today is Tuesday and thatโ€™s means itโ€™s time for TTT but this week is different because I am doing aย TOP 5 TUESDAY hosted byย Shannah@Bionic Bookworm Blog.ย I have been following her blog for quite some time and I totally love her BOOKISH content on the blog . So you should definitely hop off to her blog.

August 14 โ€“

Top 5 villains more interesting than the heroes ….

  • Legendary from Caraval: Not exactly the villian but his character made the storyline so good. ย I mean I wanted to know more about him .
  • Liam from Everless : Well he turns out to be really bad guy in the beginning and I was totally shocked by him transformation I the end.
  • Queen Rielle from Furybornย : She is not exactly a villian . But her character is shown killing people for the sake of some prophecy.
  • Lady Macbeth from Macbethย : Well, she is the powerful , cunning lady who throughout conveys Lord Macbeth to commit crimes .
  • Voldemort from Harry Potter : I love the hero of the book from infinity and beyond .But this book would have been nothing if it did not have the iconic villian,Voldemort.


Whichย Books have you read ?? What do you think of my list ??? Have you read any them ??? Letโ€™s chat in the comments section belowโ€ฆ.

57 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday:Villians more interesting than Hero !!

  1. Ahhhhh I loved Legendary by Stephanie Garber. Legend is one of my favorite characters in that series (so far). His story was so intriguing and amazing ๐Ÿ˜‚
    And yes, Voldemort is such an iconic villain. I feel like if you ever talk about book villains, he’s the first that most people mention.
    Anyways, great and interesting post Priyasha!

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  2. I don’t know about villains, as I have not read these books. But thanks to you, they are in my cart ready to be bought. I agree about Voldemort, I loved him. He made everything exciting

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  3. I love it when villains are as in-depth and interesting as the heroes, as it adds soooo much to the storyline and characters. Likewise, I love it when the heroes have flaws and weaknesses like the villains โค๏ธ

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  4. When it comes to protagonist vs antagonist, I always become more curious about the latter’s character arc. I heart this list, especially Lady Macbeth is one helluva woman. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Yes with Liam (he nearly made it on my list) and yes with Rielle! But I love her so much that I can’t see her as a real villain. There must be an explanation!!!

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  6. Great picks Pri… I totally agree with you except Legendary but that’s only because I haven’t read Caraval… I especially agree with Voldemort.. Besides if it weren’t for him. Harry wouldn’t have been The Boy Who Lived.

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  7. Well, I don’t know many of these but they are interesting choices and I have to agree with Voldemort, he has a lot to him and while he is evil, he is fascinating


  8. Iโ€™ve only read Harry Potter out of all the books on this list! I agree that Voldemort is a good villain. I think sometimes itโ€™s important to have a fabulous villain as much as an awesome protagonist. Interesting post!

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  9. Seriously, your list are amazing! I’ve been thinking on adding Furyborn into my list though. I am shocked you said that the villains are more interesting than the hero until I read your description below๐Ÿ˜‚

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  10. I also agree with your choices, especially on Voldemort and Lady Macbeth. More often than not I find villains much more fascinating than heroes. Sometimes they are also complex, layered personalities.


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