Hey Book worms 🙂

Today is Friendship Day in India.Here are few amazing book bloggers friends …. Also I love these blogs ♥

Let’s begin…….

  1. Bentley @Book Bastion
  2. Lili @Lili’s Blissful Pages
  3. Noriko @Diary of a Bookfiend
  4. Nina @The cozy pages
  5. Misty@ Misty Book Space
  6. Angela@A cat with a book
  7. Dani@Touch my spine book reviews
  8. Jenn @Bound to writing
  9. Sophie@Beware of the reader
  10. Orangutans Librarian
  11. Sophie’s Corner
  12. Dani @Perspective of a writer
  13. Larissa @Book Blossomed Blonde
  14. Flavia the Bibliophile
  15. Inge @The Belgian Reviewer
  16. Kayla@Books and Blends

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