Hey guys πŸ™‚ It has been so long since I did a Discussion Post and I am finally doing a Discussion Post on a very important topic and the topic is How To Increase Traffic On The Blog?

As a blogger of 1 and a half years , I can surely say that few steps are important in achieving the same . Let’s begin with the Basic points:

  • Set up a Blogging Schedule: It is very important for Bloggers to have a proper Blogging Schedule as we have to create a balance between the other world and this world. It is not a one day affair but a constant motivation and evolution to blog daily or thrice a week.
  • Blog about what you’re Passionate: As I have already stated one should definitely Blog about his/her passionate things as it is not easy in long run. I personally blog about books as I love them soon damn much and I can’t fathom my life without them.
  • Make Friends on Blogosphere: It’s very important for a Blogger to leave his distinct identity on other bloggers as it helps in friendship. I am happy to state that Book Blogging Community is one of the most warmest and friendliest group. Three cheers !!
  • Social Media Helps:Believe it or not ,Social Media is a boon in this case. Instagram and Twitter play a very important role in the initial stages and its importance cannot be denied. It also helps in spreading information about your blog.
  • Blog Often and Often :Seriously this is very important as one has to constantly blog authentic and personal content for long run in blogging . One should definitely have a variety of Blog posts on the blog , to interest the reader’s.

So this is a mini discussion post. Do you agree or do you have more advices/tips ? Let’s discuss in the comments section ..

Hope you have a Amazing day …Lots of love