Hey Book worms πŸ™‚ Today is Tuesday and that’s means it’s time for TTT but this week is different because I am doing a TOP 5 TUESDAY hosted by Shannah @Bionic Bookworm Blog. I have been following her blog for quite some time and I totally love her BOOKISH content on the blog . So you should definitely hop off to her blog.

Books that I want to Re-read

  • H
  • arry Potter Series: I loved the series and I plan to reread it soon. (Though I have already reread it couple of times. LOL)
  • Fangirl: : I have always been raving about this book. It’s my favorite of all times. Cath and Fan fiction is a beautiful combination. Not to mention,Levi is soooooo adorable. I will definitely re-read it.
  • Love and Gelato: This book was a beautiful, engaging read ,a read -in -one -sitting of First Love, Gelato and Italy. I would recommend it to everyone who wants something summery and light, with doses of fun and a little poignancy. I would love to reread it someday when I travel Italy.
  • Pride and Prejudice: I have already re-read it couple of times and I will definitely do it again someday as its my favorite classic.
  • Everything Everything: I would love to reread it soon as I love it’s illustrations ,characters and cover.
  • Which Books have you read ?? What do you think of my list ??? Have you read any them ??? Let’s chat in the comments section below
  • th (3)

45 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Books I want to Re-read!!

  1. Nice! I started pride and prejudice and I’d love to continue it, sometimes I just get so distracted by other shiny books. Any inspiration or reasons why to pick it back up from your perspective??


  2. Pride and Prejudice is always so much fun to re-read, I get something different out of it every time. I have a love-hate relationship with Mr Darcy!

    Happy reading! ❀️❀️

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  3. I’m also planning on rereading Pride and Prejudice soon! I’ve only read it once and it was one of the first classics I ever read, and now that I have read more I think I will like it better!
    I’m also almost done with my yearly Harry Potter reread, I only have the last book left!


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