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Today I am doing a Discussion Post after a long time . I love talking to you guys because it’s so fun and enriching and the best part is that we share our opinions together. Recently I read an ARC –Bookshop Girls and even reviewed it on the blog. It’s a cute YA READ , a story of a 16 year old girl,Paige and her best friend ,Holly, trying to save their town’s only Bookshop from closing down . What follows is a hilarious account of saving that Bennet Bookshop.

This book kind of reminded of the love I have for Bookshops. Ever since I was small I always wanted Mom and Dad to take me and my sister to Bookshops. And the love is still going strong. Though I have so many books in my house that I sometimes my Mom kinda implements a Book Ban ,in which I am not allowed to buy books. So it reduces my visits for sometimes but I bounce back and buy loads of BOOKS once the Ban is over .  It’s a comfort zone for me .

I am not really a fan of online shopping because bookshops matter to me a lot for the following reasons:

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1.Books and Book Everywhere:

Even though I don’t buy all the books at the store . But the presence of soooooo many books is itself like divine . I could stay there for the rest of my life. (Seriously) Also a visit means that I get to know about so many  New Books and that is kind of important when you are a book blogger. Plus I love the smell of new books.

2.Buying books:

Now I know this is an obvious reason(and silly too) but had to put it out here. Even though my house is crammed with hundreds of books I still can’t resist grabbing a few new releases. 18898577


Nowadays there is soft music playing in the bookshops and that is so relaxing. It makes the visit very memorable. One of my favorite bookshops in New Delhi has a cafe in the middle of the shop where you get free coffee for buying above a given amount and that is really fun .

4.Sneak peeks at other books:

Who doesn’t do this ? I definitely read the first page or two when I am planning to buy a book. In fact, at one particular favourite bookshop I could browse and sit and read for an hour or so. It was a great way to know more about a book. That can only happen if the bookshop is big, so that you can just sneak into a nook and sit and read.

This post  has creative inputs by my sister,Shruti . You can find her in Goodreads.

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Do you love Bookshops ??? What are you favourite memories of bookshop ???Let’s chat in the comments section !