Hey Book worms 🙂

Today is Tuesday and its time for TTT .Top Ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme hosted by http://www.thatartsyreadergirl.com/top-ten-tuesday/ This week’s prompt is: Bookish Worlds I’d Want to/Never Want to Live In . Well since I love few bookish worlds,  I’ll talk about Bookish Worlds I’d Want to Live IN.unnamed

Though I read so many books but whenever I have to do these kind post my brain starts getting muddled and I could only think of 5 BOOKISH WORLDS. Another reason is that I don’t read much fantasy but rather YA Contemporary . So nevertheless Let’s begin :



This place has been my dream place for years. I mean I always expected the Letter of admission from Dumbledore and getting sorted by the Sorting Hat. It will forever be a dream unfulfilled. I mean , Harry Potter just has such a nostalgic effect on me. When I was a kid I loved watching the movies, and then when I became a little grown-up I read the books and I can still reread it anytime. I am a huge fan of them, both the books and the movies(who is not, I would like to ask? Haha).



I recently read the hugely popular series ,ACOMAF . And I totally loved the book but the special place I would love to live in would be Rhysand’ s hidden abode ,VELARIS. There will always be a chance of meeting Rhysand 😉



The magical place where Aslan, the lion comes alive and creature live together in harmony . Where time becomes still and the possibility of Meeting Peter, Susan ,Edmund or Lucy not to mention the Prince Caspian.

Carve the Mark world

I loved the Carve the Mark duology written by Veronica Roth. I received both the books on my blog also, and here’s the link to Carve the Mark review and it  sequel, The Fates Divide . Why I especially loved about the world was just how advanced technology was present, which made space an  interplanetary travel so easy. There were spaceships and even floaters, which were like flying cars. So cool, right?

Pride and Prejudice world

images (13).jpeg

Pride and Prejudice is again one of my childhood reads which I so cherish. I have read the book soooooooo many times and I would totally love to be a part of the Bennett Family as I would witness Mrs. Bennet going crazy with the arrival of Mr.Bingley. I totally loved the characters of the book and I would totally love to be a part of it. unnamed (13).gif

Well not to mention , I’ll definitely meet Mr. DARCY and that would be Superb.

These were FEW BOOKISH WORLDS I would definitely love to live in. Do we have something in common ??Let’s chat in the comments section below 🙂 I am excited to talk to you guys .

61 thoughts on “TTT: BOOKISH WORLDS I would love to Live in!

  1. Great post! Hogwarts tops the list for me too!! I still believe my letter got lost in the mail 🙄Then Mallory towers school was another place I wanted to be at during my teen years. A boarding school for girls, in a series written by Enid Blyton; that seemed like so much fun back then! But adulthood has made me realise how judgemental Blyton had been in her books, so I am no longer a fan.

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    1. Totally agree with you! I was a huge fan of Malory Towers as a child and dreamed of going there too! I loved the Famous Five series and Adventure series too, but like you I am no longer a fan.

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  2. Hey, innovative post! Hogwarts tops my list too! Another place I wanted to be a part of during my teens was Mallory towers, a girls only boarding school in a series by Enid Blyton. But that desire no longer stands. However, I am ready to be a first year at Hogwarts at any age and shall wait for my letter for ever! 😁


  3. hi Priyasha ummmmm can we move into the bennet family together bc i’m in love with them and of course we’d have to kidnap mr darcy and keep him forever

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    1. Haha I would love to do it with you. It’s gonna be so much fun living in that time in the story itself. Can we also kidnap Mr. Bingley, because he is too good to be true too, like Mr Darcy? 🙂

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  4. I don’t think I’d thrive in Pride and prejudice land…
    As a 34 year old unmarried bookworm I’d most likely be shunned or be called a weirdo 😂 Those clothes looked really comfy tho…

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  5. I also want to live in the Harry Potter world and in the Pride and Prejudice world, though I do recognise that being a female and living in England at that time in Pride it is not all rosy (but the fictional world will do). Another world I want to inhabit is The Lord of the Rings.

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