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Today I am doing a special kind of post . Since Geekerella rereleased on 15 May 2018 and I had already read it last year and also received an ARC from Netgalley, I thought about not doing a normal review but a interview of sorts with fellow blogger Fizzah. Thanks  a lot Fizzah for agreeing to be part of this interview-cum-fangirl post.  You all should definitely check out her blog .

I am a huge fan of Disney Classics and whenever some retelling  of it is published I just have to read it. I purchased it last year as part of my Birthday Book Hual and I really loved this cute story. To read my complete review, click here.

Well now for the Interview with Fizzah where I ask her few questions . Let’s begin 🙂downloadfile

1. Nowadays we are seeing a lot of Disney Retelling , so does Geekerella make a mark with its unique story telling? Does it stay true to the original and is it interesting for the readers?

Dinsey retellings are kind of classic, we grew up watching Disney movies and reading books, so it is a tough task to write a Retelling that grabs the attention of audience knowing the fact that story is not secret here anymore, Geekerella definitely made a mark, the way author added her element in a known story is commendable. It is my favourite retelling.giphy.gif

2.Geekerella involves Fandoms ,cosplays and con’s ,have you been a part of some fandom ever?

If book fandom is counted then Yes I am part of this fandom. Except that I am not much in Fandoms.

3. The story is narrated by the Two main characters ,Darien and Elle . What are your thoughts on them?

Elle was a very likeable character, a type of character you felt all the emotions with. She is not the exaggerated perfect character who can do anything, She is a teenager who is scared of people, can’t stand for her rights in front of her mother or step-sisters, But she is also the one who lives in her Starfield world with her father and mother’s memories, and share her feelings on her blog and not scared to embrace love when she found it.

Darien Freeman, an 18 years old actor who is recently cast as Prince Carmindor of Federation which is a remake of evergreen show Starfields is kind of slave of his father’s order. He, himself is a huge fan of Starfield. Starfield real fans are so angry as they thought he can’t fill Prince Carmindor boots and the reason of his selection is only his father. Another nail in the coffin is Rebel gunner Blogger, who is judging his every act and writing against him and became favourite of Stargunners. His life was in chaos until he falls for an unknown, common girl. His character is so lovable.

I wish the actors who destroyed books adapted movies take some admiration from him.

4.Your favorite quote from the book ?

“If you believe in yourself and have a few good friends, then you can do anything. You can be anything.”images (11)

5. To whom would you recommend this book ?

Everyone who loves to read and love retellings.

Fizzah :I love the interview questions, well it was my first time and was Fun…Thank you Priya 🙂


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