Hey Book worms 🙂 How are you ???

It has been ages since I did a TTT Post but today I am back with the one of its kind of post .Top Ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme hosted by http://www.thatartsyreadergirl.com/top-ten-tuesday/ This week’s prompt is:” Books With My Favorite Color On the Cover (or In the Title) ” I genuinely judge books by there cover quite a lot of time and this topic is apt to share my love for the Book Covers 😉 My favorite colours include Orange, blue and anything that pops out .

So let’s beat the drums and begin :

Yeah !!!These are few of my Favorite Reads judged by there cover 😉 A book cover plays a very important role in the first impressions of the book .

  1. The Sun is Also a Star -Nicholas Yoon : I seriously bought this book because of the beautiful cover which pops out so many colours at once though I love the title as well .
  2. I’ll Give you the Sun- Jandy Nelson : I bought this recently because I love the yellow cover and I am yet to read it but I definitely have heard lots of good things about this book .(So keeping my fingers crossed)
  3. Always and forever ,Lara Jean- Jenny Han : I read the two books of the series because of their beautiful covers and I was not disappointed by the story as I loved the characters .
  4. Geekerella – Ashley Poston : Omg !!I loved the cover and the book . I am a huge fan of Disney Retelling and surely this book did not disappoint at all.
  5. The Fates Divide-Veronica Roth : I loved the cover but mostly the title as well . I am saddened that the duology ended but nevertheless it was one of my Favorite Reads of 2018.
  6. Caraval -Stephanie Garber : Last year,the book cover made me read this one and I totally gorged it in 2 days . I can’t wait for the next book which is coming out this month .
  7. The Astonishing colours of After -Emily X.R Pan : I received a netgalley ARC and I requested this one for the cover and it did stay true to its words . One if my favorite reads .
  8. The Exact opposite of Okay-Laura Stevens: Another Netgalley ARC , which I devoured at once. It was a realistic Young Adult fiction which I carved for more.
  9. To kill a kingdom – Alexandra Christo: One of the hyped books of 2018 and with a beautiful cover , storyline,characters etc etc. I can’t stop Fangirling about this Little mermaid retelling.
  10. Smoke Thieves -Sally Green : One of recent ARC which I requested because of the beautiful cover and which was wasn’t so bad as well .

These are my favorite reads on the basis of their beautiful covers . I enjoyed this post . What are your favorite covers ???? Let’s chat in the comments section 🙂 

Lots of love : Priyasha