HEY bookworms 🙂 It has been a long time since I did some book list. Recently i cam across a amazing post of The Orangutan Library. The post talked about books that could be future classics and here is my list of Future Classsics. I have grown up reading so many Classics and as a teen I love them still . Here is my List of BOOKS THAT COULD BE FUTURE CLASSICS

The Fault in our Stars


Seriously ,’The fault in  our stars ‘ is a book that made me cry so many times and whenever I reread it crying is all I do. This is one of my favourite John Green Reads. This book is still so famous that in India we are going to have  a remake of TFIOS in Hindi as a Movie soon.

Harry Potter Series


WHAT TO SAY !!! This book has been a part of my growing up and it’s still a part of life . I can’t describe the feeling of reading and watching this series. And I think countless will agree on this .


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I mean who can not know about the drool worthy Edward Cullen and the epic romance between him and Bella . I mean I totally loved this Series. Vampires , love triangles  are a perfect combination resulting in a  super Awesome series.

Me Before You


One of the most amazing books , I can’t get enough of . I loved the book and the movie and in short cried my heart out . I loved the characters of Will and Louisa. I also loved the follow-up books After You and Still me.



This list would be incomplete without a Rainbow Rowell Book . I love all her books but my favourite is Fangirl . I totally loved the concept of fandom as I am myself a part of Fandom. I have to tell you, I have read Fangirl a no. of times, and it really is very close to my heart.

This is my take at the Books that could be future classics . I know the list can go on and on. What are your thoughts on these books ? Lets chat 🙂