Book review : Origin -Dan Brown

My Rating: 5 STARS AND MORE Genre : Thriller Plot:Bilbao, Spain Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend a major announcement—the unveiling of a discovery that “will change the face of science forever.” The evening’s host is Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire and futurist... Continue Reading →



Hey Book worms 🙂  I HAVE 1000 FOLLOWERS AND I CAN'T SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THE FACT. THANK YOU SO MUCH ............ LOTS OF LOVE 🙂 🙂 😉 To celebrate the success I have accumulated some Blogging tips for you guys: 1.Set up a Blogging Schedule: It is very important for Bloggers to have a proper Blogging... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

  Hey Bookworms 🙂 I am finally doing a AWARD and I was nominated by amazing blogger and friend ,LILI Thank you so much for nominations ,Lili. Lots of love from India 🙂 Once you are nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award, if you wish to accept your nomination, you must follow these rules: 1.Generate... Continue Reading →

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