My Rating-🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and possibly more 

Plot-After losing her job, Louisa Clark is forced to accept one which requires her to take care of Will Traynor, a recently-paralyzed man. The two of them soon bond with each other.

This movie was actually sooooooooo good. The story is the same as book but it was beautiful crafted and it had all the best moments of the book (which actually made it so memorable)

The movie was detailed and after reading the book it was a pleasure to view all those characters and scenes come alive on screen. The vivid potrayal of all the happy memories was really good and I never wished the movie end . Emilia Clarke as Lou was perfect happy-go-lucky person with a weirdo fashion sense. Sam Clafin as Will Traynor was superb potrayal as well.

It was their amazing chemistry which made the movie so good. The film was also supported by amazing soundtrack and my favorite was Photograph-Ed Sheeran. I can hum the tune the whole day🎢

THE ENDING WAS SO HARD AND I CRIED A LOT , LITERALLY.😭😭😭 I cried when I read the book and I again cried when I saw the movie.


You have to watch the movie if you have read the book and also if you haven’t read this book . It’s one of the memorable movie ever..😍 Click here to view the Trailer Grab popcorns 🍦

|Have you seen the movie? Are you planning to watch it anytime soon? Let’s Fangirl together|


P.S I actually did this Movie Review to add variety of conebt on Blog and also I as I watching it yesterday.