Hey Guys !! I am back with the review of two amazing books by Cecilia Ahern-Flawed and Perfect . I am so excited to review these two books as I am back from my review writing hiatus. PhotoGrid_1507199763845.jpg

My rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is the first book in the semi dystopian duology and it was amazing as expected it to be. The book has a powerful theme and a equally important female protagonist, Celestine North . She is so inspiring  in the end of the book that I used few tears in her name.19216953.gif The book though begins with a slump but soon catches up with the story. After 100 pages ,you are actually in a whirlwind of situations and the book takes sharp turn and twist leaving one spell -bounded in its magic. There is little romance  in rge book but i dont complain as there is already so much happening in the book. Overall ,the storyline is perfect and so is the character development. You certainly cruise through this book but sometimes it turns a tad depressing. Well I liked it enough to read the last book in Duology ‘Perfect ‘.


My Rating-🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is the second and the last book in Duology  and the story continues from where it left in the book ‘Flawed ‘. As I have already mentioned that I loved Flawed, I was sure to love the second book but this book was all above my expectations . 

This book is fast paced with so many things happening in the book of 400 pages , I am again thrown into twists and turn of a country divided into flawed and perfect people. The book has romance as well which apparently the previous book did not have . I love the side-character , Cal as well. Celestine is at her best . The characters are well written  and one can connect with them for sure. I am happy that a bit -depressing book ends with a happy note . Only thing that pinches me is that I did not read the book earlier cuz I just LOVE THESE 2 BOOKS.

So what are your thoughts on  these BOOKS?? Have you read them or planning to read them ,let me know in the comment section.