Hey guys!!Today is Diwali -Festival of Lights in India .The whole country is in a celebration spree and I had to bring some to the Blog too .So in this post I am taking about the books with amazing cover.
“Don’t judge a Book by it’s cover but I do.”
Books and cover go hand in hand . I love covers of the books too. Below are some Young Adult Books with Amazing Cover –

I love the cover of this book . The color combination and the design is so breathtaking . I even bought this book because of it’s amazing colourful cover and yeah I wasn’t disappointed 🌟 at all. This cover gives positive vibes too.

I am yet to read this one but still I love the cover . Considering that it’s Cinderella Spin-off I can’t wait to read it . The cover and the girl is captivating enough and I love the mention of pumpkin in the cover . In Cinderella also pumpkin had a pivotal role . I think you get what I am trying to say !!

 I love this Cover a way too much I mean the whole Cinderella vibe it gives but with a hint of twist . I love the book and the cover a way tooo much . I love the cover of all the books of Lunar Chronicles .They are really amazing books with equally amazing covers .

I love ,love Twilight sooooo much and it’s hard to resist it’s dark and mysterious Cover. The cover is itself a piece of mystery and black . I can’t stop Fangirling about this one . 

This cover is amalgamation of all the colors . I haven’t read the book yet but I can’t help Fangirling about the vibrant cover of this book . I am hoping to read it soon and I wish that it doesn’t disappoint me .

So here were my picks of YA books with amazing cover .Share your’s in the comments section .