So guys it’s time for the Weekly Wrap up on the Blog. This week has been Soo fun and exciting . I had so many happenings on the Blog 📖 .I did a couple of post this week which I would like to mention –
1500 Followers on Blog-  Yeah I reached my first 500 followers on the Blog and I can’t stop thanking you guys for making it possible for me . I literally mean it ..Thank you again.
2. Birthday Book Haul- This was a special haul for me as I turned 18 this year and I bought so many books. I loved how this Blog changed my Outlook towards book.
3.Reader Confession Tag – This week I also did a fun tag that was Reader Confession Tag. This tag caught my eyes because of the fun questions it posed up as a reader .You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already yet.
4.Caraval-Stephanie Garber Book Review: Yeah I finally reviewed this book and I totally loved it .You should check out the Review to know why I loved it sooo much . I can’t wait for it’s next book . I am super excited about the upcoming book.

5.WWW Wednesday-For the First time I did this Meme and I totally enjoyed it .I am planning to do it every Wednesday as it helps in planning your reads and all that.

This was all for this week … I am super tired as on Monday I have my exam .But I am waiting for your comments below. This week was fun for me . So how was your week ? Let me know in the comments .📖